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Ever wonder why you're here?

Ever wonder, why Me?

Of course you have, we all have at one point or another.

When we are young we don't see past what's in front of us. We plan but don't really grasp the concept of the time it takes and may take to see those plans through.

My plans were...be a National Geographic photographer, travel the world, find the man that loves me just as much as I love him, be a mommy but not the type my mother was, be surrounded by family and friends that love me and enjoy my company, be healthy, build an awesome home in which to share my blessings, watch my children grow and become amazing people, laugh love and live till I was old and gray. That is a basic summary.

I have achieved a few but not many of those plans and that is because sometimes things get Broken along the way. Some because you dropped the ball and some just because Life happens.

I am an open book when it comes to my failures and achievements in the eyes of my daughter. There is not a whole lot she doesn't know about her mother or her father for that matter.

I never chose or wanted to paint the Super Hero parent picture most parents want to do. The "oh I never tried that, or the I never did that" card. Before, During and After Erica's parents will be human beings first. Yes we have messed up plenty of times, yet we are still here to love and guide her no matter what.

I have loved and lost I have laughed and cried I have begged, borrowed and stolen (not literally). I have had some amazing proud moments in my life just as I have had the "damn did I really do that" moments as well.
What I have learned from my journey thus far is that even something that is Broken has a Purpose.

As a parent my responsibility is to teach this lesson to my daughter. As parents it's our responsibility to teach our children we are not what we failed at, but what we turned that failure into.

Even something that is Broken has a Purpose. Find it.

Do I really have a Choice?