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It is fair to say that I prefer to surround myself in anything or with anyone that is drama free.

I don't care for lengthy negativity of any kind. I begin to feel drained and beaten. 

I prefer to laugh, smile and be care free as often as possible and will do my best to reduce the time I do invest on what I deem negative at all costs.

So when the idea for this post popped into my mind in the middle of listening to a song on the radio I had to laugh, because it would be a song that would definitely make me think of this subject.
For those who have visited with me before you already know I have no limits on subject I will touch and for those of you who are new....I have no limits on subject I will touch. This is a blog on all subject matters relating to motherhood and or parenting and the following is part of that.

Why do men of a certain age prefer younger women or vice verse for that matter?
Why when after perhaps our first connections fail or are starting to fail younger seems to be the better choice or option?

Well after years of hearing from men especially and after years of sitting around with other women I think I can safely say why.

The key word is...Younger. Now women don't get offended and men listen up.

Who wants to hang around a boring person? A whiner, a drag?
Who wants to do the same thing day in and day out?
Who wants to be reminded of pasts mistakes or so called failed dreams?
Who really just wants to grow old...period?

Remember being a kid and taking chances? Remember the excitement of trying something new? Remember your approach and intention when you first connected with your husband, wife or significant other? How it all began with putting your best foot forward?
Selling your best self?

We teach our children to always do their best, always try hard and always present themselves in the best light. So why do we as adults after a certain time or age stop doing that ourselves?

Let's not confuse the spirit of youthfulness with irresponsibility. I am not saying that to remain young you must be irresponsible or take things too lightly, but I am saying lighten up.

Women, don't get lost in your wife role or mother role remember you are a woman first. Continue to care for yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. Remember if you are happy everyone else will be too. Take time to nurture yourself whether its with a good book in a chair in a quiet room or going to a spa or taking a long walk. Stop focusing on the actual number of your age and just live a healthy life. Your partner connected with you for a reason keep that reason growing, don't get comfortable.
Hold your partner to certain standards too everyone's eyes light up when they see something pleasant.

Men, don't think your only role is provider. It is not. Contrary to what you have been brain washed to believe if you are not a good listener and a good friend your partner will find someone else who is. Women require a certain amount of talk time with their loved one. Friends and family can't always fill that void. Learn to be kind and listen for a little while, maybe set a timer a limit that you can both work with. Sensitivity is not a bad thing and the rewards you will reap are endless in so many ways, trust me. Also want to point out that you are not the only ones that are particular about your partners appearance, so stay in shape as well physically, mentally and spiritually.

So here it is so simple yet many neglect to do. Keep things simple always remember to have fun. Just because you so called "settled" down or are of a certain age don't "settle" live life.
Every day we are growing if we so choose. Every day is an opportunity to share something new with those we love and admire. Everyday can be a new play day.
Be adventurous always even if in just small ways. Again no one likes boring and same ole routines.

Let go of the baggage and stay young for life, no matter what number that birthday cake says!

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