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How are You?

This is a mini I want to say what is on my mind moment....

A pet peeve I have developed for some time now.

All due to this question...How are you?

Simple enough, right? Well not so simple if you are asked but then are cut off just as you are about to respond to the question.

I mean really?

I understand that people think it is being polite to ask but I believe unless you really want to know, unless you are prepared to listen to the response...just don't ask. Come up with something else to say or comment. Save everyone the trouble. That will be so polite.

I am not saying that we should all go into a monologue about our lives. That we should be investing x amount of time with everyone on a daily sharing what we are up too. What I am saying is...if you ask or are being asked then allow for a few minutes of proper exchange.

What got me to feel this way? Well I had (yes, past tense) a "friend" who without fail every time she would ask me this question would not allow me the proper time to respond. I would say something like "well things are good or coming along" and then she would get right back into her life and her goings on.
Another example is I was on a call once at my office, invested over seven(7) minutes with this person chatting up about his wife, kids and so forth then he asks "so how are you?" and just as I was about to respond he says "oh can you put so and so on the phone?" I mean geez, really you couldn't play it off and wait till I at least said "doing well or doing ok?"

How are you is a great question in which we can practice listening.
This pet peeve resurfaces just in time for back to school and end of summer.
As parents communication with our kids and taking the time to actually listen to their day is very important. It is the time in which our bonds can grow stronger and we let our kids know, hey we are here for you we care.
So slow down, next time the question comes up either with you or someone else, take the time to really listen and focus on those few moments with that person.

Mindful behavior. Things I think about.
What do you have to say?

Always stress free xo

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