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Smiling even when Plans hit a Detour

Hello everyone, I can't believe how late I'm finally posting today.
It's been a nutty weekend indeed.

Yesterday I got up and did a half hour Yoga class that tested my bending skills for sure but I hung in there and survived. I had my Saturday all planned out. Yoga, quick visit with Grandma and head to Salon. Sported the curly hair look for past week was not feeling it any more.
So like I said Yoga class was a tester then I began to prep for remainder of my day. As I was walking to my car I was praying my battery would cooperate. I say this because a few days ago my car wouldn't start and I had to call Geico Roadside Asst. for a boost.

So I'm in good spirits I had set great intention for my day earlier in my Yoga practice and boy did it pay off. When I get to my car, I open the back door drop my bag, my book and another bag with my Salon needs in back seat and close the door.
I get in my driver side, place my phone in its holder and proceed to start the car. What happens...Nothing. I try again what happens...Nothing.
I take a deep breath, I call Geico for another boost, walk back home, get on my Ipad and lookup places to get a new battery.
I am calm, cool and collected thanks to my days intent, to stay hope full and make most of whatever my day bought me.

To sum things up I bought a new battery, I said bye to the old one after all it lasted over 6 years shouldn't complain about that, headed over to Grandmas and postponed hair date for today because I ran out of time. Had great visit with Grandma and great Salon date today so guess things played out as they were suppose too.

Speaking of things playing out in the time they should...I am excited to share that I have moved to next phase in my Photography journey. I officially opened my Etsy Shop!
I threw fear in the trash and went for it. Here's the link, hope you take a few minutes to visit. I will be adding more prints shortly. I am also including link to my Instagram so you can see more pieces. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



In the meantime hope you enjoy these..
Always stress free xo.

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