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Bag Lady

Music can heal the deepest of wounds if you just take the time to listen. Be it Rock, Country, R&B, Instrumental, Salsa or Pop. I am a lover of all music. While in my office I am blessed to be able to spend my time there with my music playing. No one dictates what genre I can listen to. It's just me in my space.

I use a variety of options to move me through what I may be feeling at that moment. If I think about for example, my journey with my feelings and interactions with my family over the years I log into my Spotify and listen to Frank Sinatra's "My Way". If I am feeling nostalgic about my H.S. years I go on You Tube and play Freestyle music and say hello to Judy Torres and TKA. If I am thinking about how in life we put undo pressure on ourselves that bring us pain and discomfort I visit my girl Erykah Badu's "Bag Lady". My musical ride is a blast for sure.

Today I am going to ride with "Bag Lady". If you aren't familiar, no worries I will include video so you can take a listen. On this song Erykah Badu is speaking to a "Bag Lady" but listen carefully to her word play. With lines like "one day all them bags gon' get in your way" or "pack light" or "you can't hurry up 'cause you got too much stuff". For years I would rock to that song, I loved it so and I enjoy her music in general but it wasn't until a few years ago that I listened to what she was saying.

As we grow older we carry some history. We hope that some parts of that history don't hinder us or stain us in some ways but unfortunately at times it can and it does. We meet people that add to our history that at times don't leave good things behind when they are gone and we walk away carrying that load. We go in and out of a variety of relationships with bags that can totally be dumped. Sometimes our own attitude and views can add to that load.

Healing from any lose or from years of negative chatter is a process. It's part of the road to reaching freedom from those "bags" You can't rush through it, you can't push it aside, you have to sit with it and sort through the bad to get to the good "pack light".

Today, when you approach a situation that may bring you discomfort, try changing the way you handle it. Sometimes our old ways get in the way. Tweak your approach, "pack light". Lighten your load so you can move about with more ease and a bigger smile.

What do you think? Have you ever experienced being the "Bag Lady"?

Always stress free xo.

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