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The importance of setting our Goals and Intentions

Happy Wednesday! I can't believe I am three months into a New Year and a whole season almost laid to rest. Wishful thinking perhaps on the side of Winter almost being gone. It seems like it just doesn't want to go away. I look at my closet everyday and say sorry to all the pieces that I just can't wear at the moment including some shoes and boots. I think the memo skipped New York that it is officially Spring.

Which brings me to this share, back in December I finally after years of thinking about purchasing a pair I bought some UGG boots?! I bought the tall Cardy style in black that has the belt instead of the buttons. I found them on sale at one of my favorite sites 6pm.com. Now I rarely buy on impulse, I have learned to wait a day or two even a week before I commit to a purchase. But I saw them for around $80.00 from $170.00 I thought oh I can do that. Mind you I was never about to spend over $100 for these boots. I get my boots and I'm all excited to wear them when I walk outside and almost bust my butt on sheet of ice. I was like what!

The soles were crap, they are not actual winter weather boots but more for show. I was not happy at all. Yes they are warm but no they are not practical. Turns out though that luck was on my side because shortly after I received my boots I got another sale email and my boots were on sale again I got on the phone in a flash and had customer service adjust my price and give me a refund. Moral of this story? Don't fall for the hype of a product and if you do look for a sale!

illustration by bisconfidencecoaching.com

Ok back to my 2015 intentions and goals.
Aside from the obvious above story to get the most bang for my buck I have several goals I want to meet. I want to write more about the growing pains we go through with our older kids. Seems not enough attention is paid some times to these older years. I want to touch on some of the things I am currently going through with my almost 20 year old daughter. I also want to share more of my photography with you guys.I am loving my online IPhone photography classes. I am all about comfort and since my schedule especially with the care of my grandma sometimes makes time difficult, to be at home on my pad learning then walking outside and practicing works really great at the moment. NYC is a great subject and I look forward to incorporating more travel in time as well.

Working on some options for financial security. Planning for that rainy day and that comfy retirement life that I know Social Security alone will not provide. Doing some research and talking with some people. Things I wish I would have done in my 20's but at that age we think we have forever...we don't so start early!!!

illustration by craftychicsblog

Expanding on my Yoga practice by lengthening my class times and how often I practice a week. Same for my Meditation. I follow a great site on Instagram yogaliving and the poses they share via pictures are very inspiring and keep me focused. Healthy and lite I don't want to force my heart to work so hard to keep me alive. No one really thinks about that. We all have the same size heart but if you are not healthy and carry some extra weight it is working harder at keeping the blood circulating properly. And I said "extra weight" I am not "fat shaming", healthy doesn't mean size 0 thru 3 necessarily, it just means making healthy life choices. Yes we are what we eat.

illustration by yogatraditional

My Locks of Love commitment is coming along, but I believe it will most likely be end of year for chop off time. For those who have no idea what I am referring to, I am growing my hair out once again to donate it for a second time to Locks of Love. Here is a little back story with pictures hair-hair-hair and I'll share few new pictures now for relevance.

bottom left before cut, top left mid cut, bottom right full cut, 
top right shoulder length new growth

All these things and several more add to my intentions of longevity and peace. My intent is to grow in positive direction and live life to its fullest while giving back and living with purpose. Being the best role model my daughter can have is a goal that keeps me focused.

What Goals and Intentions did you set out for in 2015? Have you started to work towards them or have you already forgotten them? Do you feel it's a good idea to start off year with such purpose or do you just work with things as they come along?
Share your thoughts, let me know what you have planned for your 2015.

Always stress free xo.

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