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Knowing when to Let Go

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Oh I can make him change his mind, oh he will change once we are married, in time things will be different. These are just a few of the things a woman in love tells herself so that she can push on with an already loosing battle. A doomed cause from the start if you start on this lane.

People for the most part show you who they are from the start. Same goes for that fine guy you met last week. First impressions matter, we should always pay attention.
As women we want to always be supportive and forgiving, some of us even go as far as making excuses for our guys poor behavior. But who are you helping when you engage in this connection?

Knowing your self worth is a priority. Being clear on what you will and will not allow is a must.
Having confidence in yourself and loving who you are alone first without a man is essential. So how do we get there? 
I always say and have always practiced this with my daughter, be kind to yourself always. Show compassion and love to you first. Take time to get to know yourself. Learn to be ok alone. Put out in the universe what you want to receive and from every failure learn something good.
Nothing is ever a real failure if growth comes from it.

Look and be open to the signs, follow your instinct, it's there to guide you.
Ok he missed a call or was a few minutes late to dinner. That is acceptable once.
You can excuse it but make sure he is aware your time is just as valuable as his and you don't care for tardiness. 

What are the signs that indicate time for Good Bye?

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-Well when his behavior affects your emotions that's a red flag.
-When his words are not kind and his actions even less that's a red flag.
-When your doing all the talking and he isn't listening that's a red flag.
-When sex is the only thing keeping you connected that's a red flag.
-When the attempts at proper communication meaning non yelling matches are no longer possible that's a red flag.

Sometimes we hang on to things longer than necessary because they are familiar or because of fear. 
We keep trying and trying to figure this or that out but the question is this, are they doing the same for us?
When guys are done they are done. They don't go back and forth with ifs or buts. They are gone.
We need to learn a thing or two from their play books for sure.

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So my lovelies if the downs are more than the ups.
If in your 24 hour day you are frowning more than you are smiling.
If the majority of your thoughts of him bring feelings of sadness, disappointment or contentment...
The time has come to Let Him Go.

Always stress free xo.

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