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Making plans for my Old Age

Have you put much thought on what your life may be like when your older? I don't mean retirement age in our sixties, I mean old age as in our late seventies, eighties perhaps even nineties when our minds may no longer be in a clear state. I'm a planner, always have been. I love surprises but only the fun kind. Not that anyone likes any other kind but some people can adapt quickly to not so great surprises...not me. Not so much.

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Dealing with my grandmother as she has aged and her Alzheimer's disease so closely I have really been tested and have really had to wing many things that I feel she should have spoken about years ago. Now that she can't make many choices for herself it is sad that I have the power to so call do what is right or what she would like.

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So during my life time and especially now that I am the sole caregiver besides the home attendants of my grandmother who is ninety-one years old, I have made sure I've instructed my daughter of the following:

-make sure my eyebrows are on point.
-don't put me in a home, I like to watch my own programs and go to sleep when I feel like it. Get me nice home attendants that can take me out and keep me company.
-if I grow any chin hairs, have someone pluck them cause you already told me you won't be doing it.
-keep my hair at a nice length, if it gets too thin crop it down to boy cut like I had when I was the age of two.
-no house coats/ dresses. I want cute Velor suits a variety of colors in the cold weather and appropriate shorts and cute dresses in the warm weather.
-no ugly shoes, hook me up with some cute, comfy sneakers.
-if I need a cane, bling it out with cute accessories or stickers.
-make sure I am always stocked on lotions, perfumes etc I still want to smell awesome.

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-if my nose hairs get out of control, get someone to handle that.
-don't bother to buy me any bras because finally I'll be liberated and won't care to use one.
-make sure my toes and fingernails are up to par. Still painted if possible.
-any unsightly hairs period...please handle that.
-magnified glass in living room and bedroom a must because I still want to try to read.
-best earpiece if needed because you know I love my music.
-if I have no teeth mashed potatoes, ice cream, yogurts and baby food will do, I'll be happy to eat like a baby again.
And finally...
-keep all my photo albums handy so I can look back at us smile, laugh and know that my baby is now taking care of her mama like if she was the baby.

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Did you think I was going to write about my financial security, getting my affairs in order or my health benefits? Heck no! I care about my hygiene and personal comfort lol.

What plans have you made for your old age? Have you made all your wishes known to your loved ones? If you haven't, please start it is very important.

Always stress free xo.

P.S. don't worry, all those serious topics have also been covered. I'm all about covering all bases.

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