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Stay Uplifted even in Trying Times

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My lovelies I won't lie to you and say I am in an uplifted head space right this second. Actually I am mentally exhausted and looking forward to my week off next week.
Why? well my grandma is in the hospital, she took a spill on Sunday and on Monday we had to take her to the hospital in an emergency, turns out she has a minor rib fracture.

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Being so fragile and her age there is but so much the doctors and nurses can do and with her Alzheimer's disease it makes it worse to communicate. Needless to say I haven't pulled my hair out because I love my head of hair lol (staying on the cheery side).

Yesterday I was in the hospital keeping her company for over 7 hours, I know there are people right now who are spending days so I am not trying to make a big deal out of it but it is draining none the less. Driving back and forth, trying to keep her happy, helping her eat etc....trying trying trying. Answering the same darn questions..."Yes I'm the granddaughter, no there are no other family members, yes I'm the primary care giver, yes I make all the decisions, no she doesn't understand what's going on" etc etc.......

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I'm writing this post as I sip some green tea in my office, my bosses have been great with allowing me to leave when I want to. Monday I left at 4pm got home at midnight, yesterday I left at noon got home at 11pm and today I am leaving at 2pm getting home...who knows. I hope they discharge her soon because I know that she is more concerned about being in the hospital than her actual issues.

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Wish me luck guys I need it, remember I am making decisions for someone who has no clue and is helpless literally without me. It is a huge responsibility because she can't even voice an opinion. If you find yourself in this same situation or have experience please share with me and lets lift each other up.

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In the meantime I am sharing some quotes to keep us focused and strong. Much love!

Always stress free xo.

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