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I love when a poem or a song is so detailed and clear there is nooooooo way you can't get the message. I love that if you are shy or not good with expressing emotions there are so many tools you can gravitate to for some help.

Today I am going to chat a bit about expecting things from others that we ourselves may not be giving or willing to give. I've shared some of my experiences with dating again after years of being out of the game, back in the game then out again. I have plenty of treats coming your way but today let's start with Willing.

Ready, eager and prepared to do something is the definition but do we apply it to the way we approach connecting in relationships? When we as women begin to connect with men are we prepared and ready to compromise and communicate honestly and openly. Same question for men, are you ready and prepared to lay your cards down, to talk to listen?

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Our Willingness to bare our souls and to not let pasts failures creep into our now is tough at times, I won't lie I work on some of these daily myself. Dating in today's rules hasn't been easy but it's been totally doable because of my willingness to be clear. I am looking forward to connecting with someone who enjoys me, all of me. Yes dating can be a hit or miss sometimes a few misses more than a hit but I refuse to become jaded and say I am ok staying single. Why should I? I am still young and have a lot to offer. I actually feel sad for people of a certain age when I hear them speak and sound as if they have thrown in the towel. Why? You mean to tell me you are so set in your ways you are no longer eager to try connecting with someone else?

You mean to tell me no one can meet your standards? How high are you setting them, are they even realistic and would you meet those same standards if someone was measuring you by them? Don't get my words twisted, I am not saying aim low or reduce, I am saying compromise, be ready to give other options a try. Don't expect or ask for something you yourself are not giving, that's all.

I love this artist I am about to share on, Jill Scott. Her words move and inspire, uplift and question, show and tell. I am so glad that a friend of mine reminded me of her latest work and bought this track/interlude to my attention. It touches exactly what I mean about willing to give what you want to get. Willing to be clear and laying things out.

You want me flawless
You want me patient
And sweet
You want me willing
You want my honesty
You want me to be
Respect your space
Ignore your fears
You want spontaneity
A good girl and a freak
You want loyalty

You want something that you’re not willing to be

Expecting me to be loyal
Expecting me to be faithful

What do you think? Do you agree that you need to have equal expectations? Do you feel you should get more than you give? Do you believe that after a certain age there is just no point in dating? Let's start a conversation, tell me what you think.

Always stress free xo.

I may Loose you but I'm ok with that Too