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I'm a Slave 4 U

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Hey my loves so I know many of you are very excited about the Fall season creeping up on us but are you aware that it will also be Cuffing season soon? What am I talking about some of you might say? Well it's the time of year some singles dread because they would prefer to be in a more committed relationship or "cuffed" as the younger generation refers to it. They say that in the colder months they want to have someone steady to cuddle up with. I love how I am always learning something new. I love all the types of views on relationships period because you can always take something away from each. 

Which bought me to this other story that made me chuckle a bit the other night. I was cleaning my inbox and one of those celebrity newsletters I get had a story on Ice T and his wife Coco. I know of his rap career but I am most familiar with him as an actor on one of my old favorite shows Law and Order SVU. His wife of over fourteen years is known best for her body parts and modeling. 
So this article was about an interview she did in which she states she is "his slave".

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Now ok...the independent women who read this went Hell No! but the women who are confident in who they are and understood from what angle she comes from said oh I get it! What do I mean by this? Well here is my perspective...

If you have a husband or a long term committed partner that loves, respects and cherishes you there is nothing wrong with doing things his way within reason I think. It doesn't mean you aren't strong or capable it just means you decided early on in your relationship to pick your battles and what role fits each of you best. 
If you are an independent woman who solely wishes to run the show and wear the pants than this isn't for you and that is ok too.

I have learned over the years that it is totally fine to relinquish all this control we as women want to have over everything all the time. If you have a great partner who has your back then what's the problem? just let go. Trust me I had a tough time of grasping this concept many years ago but I have totally gotten better and it has been soooooo much fun and stress free! This doesn't mean you drive blindly or clueless btw.

Relationships require two people who know what they bring to the table. Early on you set these wheels in motion, I take care of this you take care of that. Ice T has his role and Coco has hers and she is totally happy, therefore so should we. 

Whatever works for you do it! Now Coco I didn't care for your choice of words but I got you. I understand where you are coming from and I applaud the length of your journey keep going strong!

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What do you think? Is it correct to give up certain control to your partner/husband? Is giving up control the end of women's independence? Do you find the word "submissive" offensive? How do you define a strong women in a relationship? Look forward to your responses.

Always stress free xo.

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