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Turning Over A New Leaf

illustrations by yours truly :)

I'm changing right in front of your eyes but you refuse to see it.
I'm different than I use to be yet you want to view me in the same light.
My actions have changed still you judge me on my past mistakes.
I keep asking you to try and give these changes a chance but you keep bringing up the old ways.

What do I do?

Do I go along for the sake of familiarity or do I walk away in sadness? Do I sacrifice myself in spite of what is shown to me? Or do I stand strong in my new truth focused on new opportunities?
You have a past, I have a past we both know that we both have shared openly yet in doing so and continuing to move forward you still hold on to my past as some sort of weapon ready to be used as an "I told you so".

How are you able to love in this way? How can you say you love me and still want to hurt me at the same time? Does your love not come with hope? Does it lack faith? Does it require a guarantee I just cannot give? Does your love not give chances? I am not asking for blind faith or expecting for history to be erased. I am hoping for us to commit, to have faith in change and in possibilities, in love and in Us.

My loves, in knowing all we think we know about love, about connecting, about relationships and commitments what are your feelings about what you just read above?
Do people really change? Do we believe love conquers all? When we say we forgive, do we mean only enough to get us through to the next time you mess up or do we forgive and hope and encourage day after day changes and new beginnings?

I am always drawn to compare all types of relationships and connections because they all require and demand the same things:

If any one of those things falters the road will never be smooth. You can't have one without the other and if one is weak the others are bound to follow. When have you ever not trusted someone yet still respected them? When have you not communicated well and still felt a need to uphold your commitment?

Turning over a New leaf is possible but requires time and patience. Baby steps and faith. We all crawled at one time now we walk. Parents look at their babies and see all these possibilities. People meet one another and see all this potential. Same difference baby steps and faith.

What are your thoughts, am I naive to think people with encouragement and support can and do change if they themselves make the effort? What are your requirements in establishing any great relationship? Let's chat.

Always stress free xo

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