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Want to play a Game?

I am always attracted by questions. If you are standing at a bus stop and just want to start a conversation, ask a question and see what door you open. If you want to step out of your shell, go to a coffee shop, sit at a table, lean over and ask a question.

Questioning is growth, knowledge, awareness. It can evoke all sorts of emotions and facial expressions. Sometimes we even think we want to know the answers but once we do it turns out that wasn't the case at all. Hummm questioning, who would have thought?

illustration by psychcentral.com

In one of the many blogs I follow and read I found this silly game, the What If game.
Of course at first I just shrugged it off, had silly quick responses but then I took an extra second and stopped to really answer.
I realized I was dismissive because I was afraid. I was afraid to ask myself those questions and find out what the answers might really be.

Being afraid doesn't allow growth, knowledge or awareness and that is not how I want to live my life so here I am answering these questions honestly, still a bit scared but jumping in to see what I find out about myself.

1~ What or Who would you be if you knew you couldn't fail?
I would be National Geographic Photographer. It combines my love of animals, nature, travel and photography all into one.

2~ What is your 90 second personal speech?
Hi my name is Mari and I am a lover of all things simple and carefree. I love reading, writing and lots of laughter. I enjoy safe exploration and testing my limits within reason. My self care comes first and all else then follows where anything is possible.

3~ What are your core personal values?
Treat everyone with respect till they show you otherwise. Respect is earned not given. Everyone deserves to be loved. Yelling solves nothing. Privileged isn't always a good thing.
Free will is a blessing. Nothing is worth stressing over, tomorrow is another day.
Everything has A solution. I'm not obligated to be unhappy to please another.
Communication is key, learn to do it correctly. Sarcasm is a waste of time.
Time is valuable

illustration by ink361.com

4~ What makes you genuinely happy?
A good conversation, a good movie and a great dinner. A walk in the park, lots of hugs and kisses.
Holding hands,hearing my daughter laugh, a thoughtful gift. Smiling,listening to music and reading a book.

5~ If money were no object, how would you live life differently?
I would travel the world with no sense of time. I would study a variety of subjects just for the sake of learning. I would set up a foundation for neglected children and teens. The setting would resemble a huge home and not look like an institution like so many of the places I volunteer at look like.
I would set up a fund so no child who wants an education would be denied one. Education should be a right not a Privilege.

illustration by thewhatifconference.com

Question #2 took me a while but I did it. Once I started I wasn't as afraid. Thoughts? If you played the game, what are you worried you might learn about yourself? Would it change how you live moving forward? Share here.

Always stress free xo

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