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Happy New Year Wishes

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Good Morning lovelies, on this last Thursday of 2015 I would like to share a few of my wishes. I'm not make any resolutions I work on making changes daily and I'm constantly evaluating my growth I don't just wait for one time of the year.
These past few weeks have been full of unfortunate events all happening in a very short span of time which reminds me of just how precious life and time really are.

In a matter of a weeks time alone we had three deaths occur in our circle. My dear friends Mother-in-Law, my daughter's Best Friend's grandmother less than two days ago and the mother of an old friend on Monday. I hadn't spoken to her in over three years so her call was truly a surprise. It saddened me that she had to reach out to me under such unfortunate circumstances.

Even as I am writing this post I am still processing these events. They have come at a time when most of us are preoccupied with parties, travel and making plans for an even better year than we are leaving behind. But as you can see life has plans of its own and for some tonight will have a different meaning.

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When I went to bed last night and when I awoke this morning this is what I put out in the Universe these are my wishes...
-that more people focus on love and kindness and start with themselves
-that my own family, especially my sisters and my mother find peace in their lives and learn to love themselves and strengthen their souls. That every one in my own family releases years of bitterness and focuses on healing and a better life
-that I put more effort into my writing and photography and push past fears, while still knowing that Fear is a constant in our lives when we tackle the unknown
-that the new relationships I have been building this past year grow stronger and more beneficial on all sides
-that my daughter continues to be healthy, kind and peaceful and that her journey is full of Wonder
-that I continue to be able to take care of my health as best I can even without being able to afford Health Insurance
-that I can continue to provide my baby #2 (my grandma) with peaceful days at home surrounded by the things and people she knows, that I can bring her laughter and comfort during this part in her journey in life
-last but certainly not least, that my daughter's father finds his way back into her life and realizes that her love for him has no conditions or expectations. That she only wishes him peace and love and an opportunity to reconnect again and that he could love himself just as much or more than she already loves him. Sometimes we are harder on ourselves than necessary. We assume the worst before we start a conversation. Communication is always better than Silence.

Here's wishing all our dreams come true. Thank you for being part of  Living in Mommywood's family. Thank you again for stopping by, commenting and even sharing. I hope my life's journey and what I have shared ignites a spark in you.

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See you next year Always stress free xo

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