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You can't stand next to weakness and expect to be strong.
You can't sit in doubt and expect a flow of blessings.
You can't imitate another's journey and have an authentic life.

I thought it was better to be part of something, than to have nothing.
I thought it was best to stay in the shade, than to shine so bright.
I thought it was safer to be quiet, than to speak my peace.

We must let go of the old to build a new.
We must have faith in ourselves when others don't.
We must at least try even if we fail.

Today I walk in confidence to get closer to Us.
Today my heart is open for Us.
Today anything is possible because of Us.

Strength comes from many places in different forms grab yours and run with it.
Live your best life, don't let the past spoil your present.
Be open.

Always stress free xo

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