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How Awesome is it to be the Original You?

Isn't it funny how you can hear something often but it only takes someone saying it in a different way to make you stop in your tracks? Words are so powerful and can do so much but its when you listen carefully that it can bring about changing moments.

"You are the original researcher of your own life"- Jon Kabat Zinn

illustration by ahealinglove.com

It has been a very long time since I looked at my life and wanted to be like someone else. Those days of being envious or jealous of another's journey have long left and I want to credit the past 10 years of my life and all the people who have come in and out during this time.

When we are young we are always wishing to be someone or something else for the most part I think its a universal experience. I think maturity, mistakes and experiences tweak this behavior as we grow. I think its just a process we must go through in order to arrive at our authentic self. To want to emulate someone we see as having a great life because of what they show from the outside only to as we mature and we begin to tear away their layers we arrive at the truth and realize they are not perfect or they don't have it as great as we thought.

It is then that we grow to appreciate our Original selves.

illustration by payalrai1303.wordpress.com

I'm the Original me! Think about that. Think about how awesome it is to be you. To be able to shape your life and yourself as you wish. Not having to use someone else's template to be who You want to be. Think about how freeing that revelation is! Think about the endless possibilities your journey can achieve.

I'm the Original me
No one sees that Rose like I do
No one will enjoy that breeze like I did
No one will capture that photo the way I did
My words are my own
My smile shines as it does because it is looking at you
No one laughs as I do
No one will see my scars and see the beauty I see
No one can dream my dreams
No one looks at that cloud the same way I do
My wardrobe fits Me
My home is cozy for Me
My body type is awesome to Me
My daughter loves me because I am Me

Today I encourage you to see how amazing it is to be You and to go out and share that Original beauty. Share with me what is your Original beauty!

Always stress free xo

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