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I Got Your Back

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One of my pet peeves is empty words.

Those people say at the moment to make you feel good or to speed the conversation along just because they really don't want to invest more of their time. I say if you can't stand by what you say then don't say it at all because when the day comes I may come to collect the last thing I need is to be disappointed.

I've been having an amazing eye opening, totally inspiring last few days. Took part in a Webinar that totally blew my mind and set a new fire under my butt and had a great pow wow with an artist friend of mine last night. We got together after work started yapping and before we knew it it was past 10pm. A lot of laughs and great stuff was shared.

One of the things we both agree on is surrounding ourselves with like minded people. We hear that phrase from time to time but I think people misunderstand it. At least people who are not open to day to day growth and life changes. When I say I need to surround myself with like minded people I don't mean that I only want people that will agree with all of my ideals and opinions and choices. I mean I need to surround myself with people who like myself see glass half full, who like to see their dreams come to life, who smile and are grateful even when something they tried has failed.

I need to surround myself with Optimistic people not Drama seekers or those who attract Doom.

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The recurring theme in my last few days has been my own experience with empty words. 

I started blogging and returned to my photography both at the same time. I jumped in with both feet at a moment in my life when I had to start many things from scratch...again. A relationship I thought was for sure "the one" ended, I walked away from old friends and family who for years had sucked so much out of me I just couldn't do it any longer and I had to put into practice an abundance of kindness on myself.

During this time my phone contacts had only those I deemed true friends and people who I respected and was interested in building my next journey with. I sat down drafted a mass text included the links to my two new endeavors and pressed send...silence.

I must say it's been pretty much the same almost three years later with an exception here and there. My take away from this has been the follow:

-All creative souls want to be appreciated. Anything anyone creates from their ideas and builds up in their minds and comes to life is a gift given from their hearts. It takes courage to share something you love knowing not everyone will love it in the same way or even at all. It takes dedication and strength to keep going on even when you have heard that what you love is a waste of time. Appreciate the efforts in all even that which you do not understand. Be open.

-Silent Support is no support at all. I had a few friends who "said" how great it was and who "looked forward" to my writing and photos only to never even visit my page or care to press like or leave a comment. Who are quick to engage on all social media and share their own endeavors but never really immerse themselves in mine. If you support me show it. It let's me know you care and it encourages me to get better and continue to grow. Share your take on my work and spread the word. Support from those that say they love us is suppose to build. If I grow you grow, there is enough to go around for all of us.

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I Got Your Back...I have yours do you really have mine?

Share your thoughts, have you had times where your dreams have been ghostly supported by friends and family? Are you the friend that receives the empty words or the one who has spoken them? Let's talk I'd love to hear your experience.

Always stress free xo

Dear Love,

I see my Value is still Less than Yours