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Good morning I'd like to begin my chat with you today acknowledging the events that took place over the weekend in Florida, again another senseless ending of lives just because someone else isn't happy with theirs. I'm not going to point a finger at one group or one thing or one belief or one anything. I am just going to say that as a parent of a young lady who is often out socializing with her friends and family that no one should be going through this ever!

Every life is precious and holding on to hate just because of differences is not a representation of any God.

Automatic weapons have no place in our neighborhoods. Your house or business, our schools or shopping centers or stadiums don't require that kind of weapon for our protection. We must rethink, review and revise our gun laws. The right to bare arms and protect what is yours can still be upheld but that type of weapon is not the answer. As parents as human beings we must figure out a way to join together and protect everyone's child.

Now, with that being said I want to dive right into this thought because again it is all relevant.

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I am not going to feel any type of way about you feeling I am to blame for your misfortune. Does that make any sense to you? Well let me explain.

Most people function with placing blame. I didn't get that job because the interviewer had it in for me, I didn't get that apartment because they don't want xyz people here, my partner cheated on me because so and so through themselves at them etc etc.
Whether or not any of these examples hold a drop of truth it is what we choose to do shortly after that really matters.

How can you continuously blame an outside source for your troubles and for how long is that "truth" going to help you live your life?

Of course when bad things happen our emotions are all over the place but when we honestly stop and look at ourselves in the mirror we usually can see the answers staring back at us. We are not what happens to us but instead what we do with those events.

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Your man didn't cheat on you for any other reason than his choice to do so. The apartment perhaps just wasn't for you, the job...maybe you were over qualified. Choose to change your perspective, choose to acknowledge the event and keep moving, choose a better life. When you go out to lunch and had a bad meal do you go back again and order the same dish? No. Choices, we all have them choose wisely.

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My daughter just resigned from her job not even three months in. She was very excited about this new adventure until the blinders were taken off. Until certain behaviors clashed with her authentic self. We had many long talks over these past few weeks and two of the questions I asked her were "What were you hired for? What is your job?"At first she was offended because she felt I was telling her to just go to work and shut up but what I was picking her brain about really was for her to speak out loud her expectations verses her actual job duties. She was doing too much, she was investing too much emotional energy in a situation that didn't require it. When she realized this she thanked me for the conversation and put in her two weeks. 

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She calls me after work yesterday to run what had happened at the end of her day by me. Her supervisor had thanked her for the two weeks notice because it really was/is a courtesy on her behalf and said that after her being there for that week they saw no need to waste her time and that she didn't have to return again. My lil mama said "for a second there I felt like I got fired, but I didn't get fired right"? I said "no vieja (I call her old lady in Spanish too) you didn't get fired you had already quit but in their eyes they see no need to risk you perhaps tampering with their stuff or just dealing with the energy and saw it best to just say goodbye." She said "oh ok then, fine." I said "yes, fine go out and celebrate be grateful for the experience and btw if in the future you do ever get fired, its ok to feel what you may feel but don't dwell on it too long it just means you weren't a good fit for what they needed. It is never personal, business is business keep it moving." She said "thanks mama, always great to hear your side" and we hung up.

Choices, is your cup always going to be half empty or are you going to view it with a smile as half full? What are your thoughts? What was a recent let down and what choice did you make? Was someone else to blame or did you decide to focus on your next option? Let's chat.

Always stress free xo,

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