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Using Sage as a Personal cleanser

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Anyone who practices Yoga and Meditation can share with you how they feel everything is connected. It isn't something said just to be said but something felt because it is experienced. Practicing Mindfulness, simply just being aware and still in the moment is a wonderful healing technique if one chooses to try going the natural route as oppose to chemicals. 

In my experience I have found that learning how to soothe myself in natural ways has given me more peace of mind than popping a pill and that surrounding myself and my home with positive energy has bought me more clarity.

bundling up my dried Sage on a Saturday night

I remember as a kid my mom having a ritual she would do about once a month in our house. She would mop with just water and some bleach, she would open all our windows and she would burn some incense. Then she would bring out this bowl and burn this "thing" that looked like leaves and go all around the house with it and all over us as well. She would say some words which I can't recall but today I do know that what she was burning was Sage and what she was doing is called Smudging.

Burning Sage is an ancient ritual used in many cultures but mostly known through Native Americans. It is used as a cleansing method for a person or a space. It is what we would normally do with a bucket of water and some Pine Sol but this is more spiritual and connected to nature. I didn't connect the dots between what my mother did so many years ago and what I started doing over a year ago until I sat in front of my Meditation mantle and the memories just came to me. She was cleansing our space, from any negative energy that may have been left behind from anyone who came in our home or in contact with us at any given time. 

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I was proud to share this commonality with my mother. She was as I am very protective of my space. I don't invite just anyone into my home I don't care that I have known you for many years. Same goes for my daughter and her friends. Your home is sacred, it is your safe haven from the craziness of the outside world. The place in which you go for comfort and where you feel safe at all times. 

I try my best to use as many natural products as I can. For my home, my office, in my car and on myself. My daughter's friend is the one who reintroduced me to Sage and Smudging. Lil mama came home one weekend after visiting her friend in New Paltz and was sharing how she had done a Sage cleansing in her dorm room and on themselves because she felt "their energy" was off. Light bulb moment I was like Yes! we need that toooooo. I feel our space has a little cloud over it we need a cleansing too!!! Lil mama went to a natural herbs spot and bought us a few sticks. That weekend I had her do a thorough cleansing of our place and of us and immediately we felt the vibe in our space change. 
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I recently had a friend bring me some Sage he picked for me on a trip he took and the place he visited had an herb garden. The owner was kind enough to send me a generous amount for me to dry and prepare into sticks. I shared a picture above. 

Mindfulness is an option we all have. To be open to new things and respectful of the connection we all have to all things. Perhaps next time you go for a walk in the park, take off your shoes and walk on the grass, stand under a big tree and literally hug it. Kids do it all the time be a kid and try it. If we are all truly God's creation than that shouldn't be such a stretch to do. Connect with nature. Be in the moment, reflect what you want life to be. 

I'm not saying burning Sage is for everyone, the scent my not be your cup of tea but its an option you can learn about and try. I included some videos you can look at and see. Let me know what you think? Are there any rituals you use to clean your space and/or yourself from negative energy? 

Advice from an Elder

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