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What is it that you are Seeking?

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My daughter recently quit what many would consider an amazing job at the age of 21. An old friend of mine refused to get a "regular" job because he believed so much in his own brand that "regular" work would have taken away from that creativity. I am so adamant about my peace of mind that I refuse to return to any type of corporate job.

Sometimes we think we really want something until we get it and it turns out to be not what we wanted at all. 

My daughter wanted to work in a well known, high end store, great commission with great benefits and an amazing salary. What she got in return was stress filled days, sleepless nights, racism and anxiety attacks. My friend with the no "regular" job has had to deal with no health insurance and weeks of sleeping on friends couches. I deal with no insurance and no benefits plan. 
We all sought different things at different times but came up with one unexpected truth...you can't find joy if you don't know what you are seeking.

My daughter has been working since she was 16 years old and these past few weeks without a "regular" job, just working on her paintings and fashion designs she is the happiest I have seen her in a really long time. My old friend is now reaping the rewards of years of part time jobs and couch hoping and I smile all the way to my Yoga mat daily. 

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Your riches and your peace of mind just may not come from that six figure job or that five bedroom house. It may come from selling books at a local bookstore or a ranch house in Virginia. It may even show up as a happy stay at home mom raising her three kids and gardening on the weekends. 

We are all seeking greatness in some way in some form but we all won't get it in the way we planned it and it isn't until we are willing to accept what we do receive as a blessing just the same that our lives will seem for filled. 

Make your vision a reality not the vision society or your friends or even family have presented to you but what you see for yourself. Unexpected can be a great blessing indeed, go out and find yourself.

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