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Where will your Creativity take you?

Hey all! I am officially frowning at the weather, this weekend in NYC began with snow all day. I made the most of my time indoors by working on some videos for my Yoga Intensive workshop. I will see how I can share some here with you. Then I officially got rid of any Christmas 2016 leftovers. The tree is literally on the curb.

I've made mention of some changes coming to


 and I wanted to share this...

I'm officially working on my move to Squarespace! After months of researching and polling my blog friends and writing group pals I narrowed it down and took a leap of Faith so I can build my life in Abundance. So far the building is going well and their customer service and how to videos are amazing. With some patience and sense of humor I should be fine. I said I wanted to go live on the 15th but if I don't I'm fine too pebbles make us trip sometimes but no big deal.

I plan on incorporating a Zen feel to it as well so I am gathering up some goodies for you that I look forward to sharing.

In the meantime I wanted to share with you a writing prompt one of my Writing group members, Ashley Coleman from 

Write Laugh Dream

 shared with us so that we could expand our creativity and dig deep into our thoughts. The one I chose from several she provided was... What am I most afraid of in my writing journey? Be specific

I found it funny that just as I am making these huge changes this would show up. 

In my writing journey I am most afraid of self set limitations. The over thinking in regards to privacy and wanting to make sure that I can find a way to build a bridge with my words so that my shared experiences can be relatable to many and not just a few. I believe failure and heartbreak and self searching has no boundaries. I feel we all go through doubts and retries in our lives.

illustration by Pinterest

Here is where I ask myself where will my Creativity take me? I respond "who knows but I sure will have fun while figuring it out." Being afraid though we must honor our feelings should not be allowed to overpower us. Every day we should try to find ways to just keep pushing forward because realistically speaking the past is already behind us.

With this new move I hope to step out from behind the curtain and dive into mini videos, chats and perhaps a Podcast! Stay tuned. 

So where will your Creativity take you? Are you working on a new project yourself? Let your imagination run wild and share here with me.

Always stress free xo,


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Dealing with a Loss can test your Will to Survive

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