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How to stop yourself from Backing out of Growth

How to stop yourself from Backing out of Growth

When you stop growing you basically die. As harsh as that sounds once you put some thought into this statement you will quickly think otherwise. You slowly realize that school never really lets out and we are always given opportunities to learn and grow.

I am a creature of habit when it pertains to certain things. Once I find something that works I feel no need to try anything else. It has been through my Yoga practice that I have purposely made efforts to change those ways. It hasn't been easy, it still isn't easy but it is worth the effort for sure.

I came across Jason Crandell a Yoga Instructor and Author for over 15 years in one of my Yoga Summits that I frequently love to join. When it came time for him to share his journey he touched on how reluctant he was to accept what the universe was presenting him during the years he was trying to figure out what to do with his life and what changes needed to be made. He said every time something came up he would just ignore it or push it to the side.

He said that during this time he couldn't understand why he wasn't making any progress until he slowed down, accepted what was being presented without resisting the changes and just letting go. He commented that once he chose this route, the doors flew wide open. He said that he realized he had stopped "backing out of Growth".

As we get older we tend to become even more set in our ways and the more we stay in that mindset the more damage we are create. Today I want to share a few tricks I have used and use to keep myself growing:

  • use Social Media- as much as we want to resist it, it can provide some useful information and at best it allows for great conversation starters.
  • talk to younger people- don't settle for just hanging out with your same old friends, build new friendships with people several years younger or even another generation apart from you. Your willingness to be open to their perspective will add tons of gems to your life.
  • no age limit- gone are the days when you felt the need to give up something you love because you reached a certain number. Be creative music, art, colors, places, and many other things in life keep us youthful inside. Engage in them so that they trickle outside as well.
  • Dare to Live Your life- period. No need to say anything more.

My two favorites from the list are, making younger friends and daring to live my life. 

One of the best things I have done is join MeetUp.com there are so many activities to choose from and so many people you can meet. There is someone out there that likes the same things you do, trust me. Now it's up to you to take the first step, find that group, join and then actually do. I've made new Yoga friends, Writer friends and even friends that share my same music tastes. 

I also truly believe that once I dared to live my life as I saw fit and not by anyone's expectation or guideline I freed myself from the chains that were weighing me down.

How to stop yourself from Backing out of Growth? Live, meet, explore, laugh, and throw all those old thoughts out the window.

What do you think? I am including a link to the Yoga Summit I mentioned, this could be your starting point.

Always stress-free xo,


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