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Do you want to know the Secret to Enlightenment? Here it is...

Do you want to know the Secret to Enlightenment? Here it is...

The late comedian Joan Rivers would say "Can we Talk?" and that's exactly my question for you today? Can we talk? Can we dish on what's up in our lives, what plans we have going for this Summer?

I want to start by acknowledging the most recent tragedy at Ariana Grande's concert. I just recently went to a Mother's Day Good Music Festival at the Barclay's in Brooklyn, New York and can't even imagine such a thing. To go out for a good time and end in such tragedy, seems like life lately is full of those more and more each day. It makes it so hard to remain centered in Faith and in Hope.

We have that going, we have the back and forth issues with Russia, we have Syria, we have people being fired left and right, we have celebrity baby news and lots of baby showers and last but not least the one that makes me laugh every time is our new "First Lady" Melania Trump.

With all this hyped up stimulation my brain has been begging for me to slow things down. In these moments I turn to reading or Meditation. I remembered one meditation from my 21 Day Challange with Deepak Chopra & Oprah Winfrey. The focus of that session was Enlightenment. It asked that I focus on the thought that every moment of Hope brings me closer to freedom.

Now I suppose we believe we are already free but let's think about this for a moment. I don't know about you but when I worry about let's say for example bills such as I currently am right now, I don't feel a sense of freedom at all. I set an appointment for my Abdominal Hernia checkup this week and I have to apply for a sliding scale since I don't have insurance and I just hope I qualify for a reasonable payment plan. I really don't want to have to dip into my emergency savings all in one shot. 

These issues and others like them force us to feel trapped and helpless sometimes. They make us feel anxious about what life has in store for us. But you didn't stop by for me to share my Hernia drama, you stopped by to find out the Secret to Enlightenment so here it is...

Just Breathe and never stop moving.

What! Am I being serious, yes I really am. Let me list a few things I learned during my meditation with Deepak.

  • when you Breathe in your touching enlightenment -think about it, breath means Life
  • enlightenment is present in the Now -when you remain present in each moment you achieve clarity. This doesn't have to be rare it just requires that we recognize ourselves and those moments
  • every moment of Hope brings light to you and others -if I'm stressed and your Hopeful you give me strength to believe things will get better which then allows me to change my perspective
  • make sure you are cleaning up daily -clutter keeps us from shining in our best light, remove all clutter
  • some things just are -Accept what can't be changed learn to make peace with it and let it go
  • everyone's journey is their own, we can't help everyone -but we can have Empathy and show it
  • a smile or helping hand can go a long way -kindness can bring about changes
  • if you stay in the moment -you are already experiencing Awareness
  • we are more alike than we are different remember to -see yourself in others and love will grow
  • every day is a new day -change your perspective and new possibilities will arise

There you have it, can you believe you've had the power all along? Are you surprised at how simple it is to be or walk in Enlightenment? Not such a mystery, after all, is it? It is possible for all of us isn't it, no matter race, financial status or gender. Who would have thought! And here we have been all this time perhaps even years thinking it just wasn't possible. Ha, joke was totally on us for sure.

I'm going to continue to practice all these lessons as I walk in life. I am going to keep them in mind as I walk into that financial office in the Hospital when I sit down and watch the news as I run into someone who tests my patience. I am going to walk in my Light and Breathe.

What about you? What are your thoughts, what are your plans for this coming Summer? Are life's bumps bringing you down or are you walking in your own light? Share your thoughts.

Always stress-free xo, 


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