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Don't be Stingy with your Love

Don't be Stingy with your Love

Hey, lovelies! I feel like we haven't really chatted in a while. This website switch has me going to bed at all sorts of hours. I want to bring you up to date on a few things then end with a chat and ask for your thoughts.

This past month has been full of changes great ones but challenging for sure. I took part in a month-long Intensive Yoga class with my beautiful Instructor Racheal and nine other awesome Queens. My photography has also kept me busy and I even had the opportunity to be on the radio in my home town's Radio 103.9. I will share more on that at another time.

In between these great highs I've been juggling some lows because my baby #2 (my grandma) hasn't been doing so well. Her sleeping issues have returned, she isn't eating much, her energy is low and she seems really frail. I am in the process of adjusting her medications and changing her diet to include fewer solids and more liquids. That means researching recipes that will provide her with the nutrients she needs but in liquid form. It hasn't been an easy few weeks but we hanging in there. 

Which brings me to this thought...Don't be Stingy with your Love.

It was another great convo night at my house recently when my  Lil Mama bought up the subject of love and a conversation she had had with a friend. They talked about how when we are attempting to make long lasting connections with all types of beings you can't hold back your Love.

I automatically thought of a sweet grandma spoiling her grandkids but then being mean to her neighbors. Does that even sound right? Unfortunately, this does happen in life. We see it all the time in people they flip a switch from one person to the next. It's like they are measuring how much they can give a person of themselves, their time and their emotions.

Now, this isn't to say we want to be doormats. No one wants to be taken advantage of. I am not referring to that. I am referring to the possibility of just entering any situation with an open heart. With love already present and a willingness to grow. Flowing without expectations or reservations just being in the moment. 

Have you ever just watched children play? They are so carefree and open for the most part. As they trickle into the playground they just all begin to play together. Notice how when they come over to you they always call the other kids "their friend". Just one big happy group joined by the same playful interest.

My perspective is that is the same energy we should bring into our relationships. Sometimes as we get more and more comfortable in our connections we tend to do less and less. We begin to take those we say we love for granted and the way we use to show them love no longer is important to us. Those calls we made during the day or the cards we bought just because become less and less of a priority. We assume that our feelings are known and no reassurances are necessary.

My life experiences have actually made me do the opposite.No one leaves my home without hearing an I love you. Hugs flow freely and kisses are always raining down. As a mom I feel I have an ability to spread my love even more because of my nurturing instincts. I have over twenty one years of practice so I like to fully make use of it. It brings me joy to watch those I love bathe in the attention I give them. There is nothing greater than feeling loved.

So I challenge us all to stop being Stingy with our Love! Say it, share it, write it and or express it. Let it flow, give to receive you will be so much happier for it.

Always stress-free xo,


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