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Finding Balance as an Independent Woman

Finding Balance as an Independent Woman

Hey love, what's new? On this end, I have a few things cooking which I will be sharing in the near future. I recently update my Yoga page and added a Freebie page so please go check those out, let me know what you think. 

I've been so wrapped up in my Writing and Photography that I have neglected to implement my own advice on balance. I've been so focused on my brand and less on my social life which got me rethinking these past thoughts...How can you grow mentally and spiritually if you don't take the time to learn yourself? To find out what makes you tick, what has helped you succeed and what has made you fail? How can you Create your Best Life if you don't really know what your vision of a Best Life consists of?

I've been single for a few years now and during this time I've been dating on and off and I've really been immersed in the school of "who is Mari Corona." So many changes have occurred since this single life journey started. One of those things was being lucky enough to write an independent piece for Women Connect Online womenconnectonline.com an awesome site dedicated to women, mothers, wives, singles etc...They so graciously accepted and ran my post on 9/15/2014. I am reposting it now and updating at the end.


As a single woman in her early 40's I have found it a bit of a challenge to balance being an independent woman, strong and confident mixing in with the Dating world today. I have been single now for over almost 3 years, dated several men during this time and chose to not date in 2014 so I could regroup and focus on what I wanted to come into my life.

I have been in 2 committed relationships in my life, one lasted 18 years and another 2 years.

What I learned from those unions was that you must accept your partner for who they are completely, that you must not be in denial and think you will change them, yet be aware and clear that with respect and communication you can reach amazing compromises. I learned that relationships take effort, time and interest.That you must like and enjoy this person outside of intimacy. That you never stop building the friendship so that all else continues to grow and flourish.

I learned that no one likes to hear and connect the words "hard work or work" when speaking of maintaining a relationship and I agree. I use to think that was the correct way to think of things but I have learned that no one really enjoys "work" and to most, the idea and thought of "work" is a bit harsh and heavy.

If we are working 40 hours a week for example who then also wants to "work" at connecting with someone they love? So this year has been a great lesson, those men I dated also taught me some great things:

-Get to know yourself, be ok investing time on you, be clear on what you want and live life.

-Be open to all possibilities, let go of the idea you have all the control because in reality we only have plans and goals but Life has its own way of sometimes presenting some bumps on the road and we must be able to breathe and be ok with that, let go and move on.

You attract what you put out, so make sure you are baggage free.

I have finally found the Balance of Independence.

Ok so now we are here 2018 and what can I add to my learning myself?

-that this is MY LIFE and I can change whatever I don't like about it at any time. 

-have FUN! don't get caught up on labels. Relationships can be whatever you want them to be.

-being an Independent woman doesn't mean you don't want a strong partner in your life.

What do my single dolls have to say? I'd love to hear from all sides your thoughts, experiences etc...with single life and finding balance. Share your journey here with me.

Always stress-free xo,


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