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Five steps to Healing old Wounds

Five steps to Healing old Wounds

"Healing ain't easy and certainly isn't pretty"~Iyanla Vansant

Hey, love today I am coming to you from a place of mini reflection. As the weather gets warmer and we have more Sunlight I am beginning to feel a sense of urgency. It's as if Winter put me in a nonproductive state and I am ready to break free.

The first quarter of this year has passed, we are in the second and as always I am reflecting and taking notes. Baby #2's(my grandma's) transition has been a slow getting use to. I still get up some days as if I've forgotten to do something and realize I have nothing to do. What use to be her time is now my time to work on my Writing and Photography. The time that was once filled with commuting to Brooklyn is now invested on my mat with my Yoga practice or on my cushion in Meditation.

The further I believe I have come the more I realize I have a long way to go. My most recent proof is a bag that has been sitting in a corner of my living since my grandma transitioned. It is a bag filled with things my daughter grabbed hold of thinking perhaps my mother would appreciate having them. It is a bag that my daughter thought she would be dropping off weeks ago. A bag that keeps reminding us of the terrible disconnect in our family.

This small thing holds such power. One day we think one way the other we decide to do something else. Just a few days ago I had decided to grab a box from the post office and just have it shipped when I get a long text from my daughter saying she wants us to go, drop off the bag and close that chapter. I said I was in if she was in, so we're both in. Now it's just a matter of when.

in order for us to do this small little task, we have to go through a huge preparation. Since I have come to realize that most people have dysfunctional connections in their own lives I decided to share with you the things we will be doing to get prepared.

Five steps to Healing old Wounds:

  • the first thing we will be doing is heavy Meditation and sitting in Gratitude. This will help us remain calm and focused on the task at hand
  • knowing our triggers. Being aware of words or gestures that may cause discomforts is vital to sharing your space with someone who has hurt you in the past. We will be taking the time to make mental notes of these things
  • acceptance. Knowing people can only come at you from a place of their experience will allow us to not get lost in trying to fix things.
  • forgive but don't forget. Though we have forgiven and we continue to learn we never forget that some people are best to love from a distance. Some things just can't be fixed and that is ok.
  • Hope. We all have choices we get to make daily. Every day brings possibilities of New Beginnings so we always Hope they find whatever it is they are searching for.

Healing old wounds is never easy or fast but with effort, patience, kindness and love for self, it is possible. In order for us to continue to create our best lives, we must always reflect and clean up old messes. One day at a time.

I/we are prepared for the worst but Hope for the best. Ignorance is not helpful and it is time to roll the dice and see what comes up. We must be the change we want to see. That requires moving slowly on shacky ground. I'm pulling out my big girl shoes from the closet...

Do you have a painful issue that you are slowly working towards healing? What have you used to ease the discomfort, theraphy, mediation, writing, confrontation? Share your journey with me would love to engage in conversation.

Always stress-free xo,


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