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Four easy steps to get Rid of Attachments

Four easy steps to get Rid of Attachments

Attachment-an extra part or extension that is or can be attached to something for a specific function. This is the basic definition.

Hello, love and Happy New Year. Have you already started and perhaps failed at the New Year's resolutions you committed to? I am diving right in because without fail resolutions seem to be an extremely problematic area for many. Saying we want to make a change but actually taking the steps to do so can be very hard and part of the difficulty is due to attachment.

Whether we are attached to a specific flavor, routine, behavior or person too much of anything is never good. So I want us to succeed and I want us to stick to the changes that will allow us to Create our Best Lives. How are we going to do that? By adding these...

Four easy steps to get rid of Attachment:

-Acknowledgement: I have an addiction to sugar. I can eat all types of sweets daily. Knowing this and accepting it has allowed me to make better choices on what steps to take to reduce my sugar intake. When you know what the issues are and why they arise you have won half the battle. Be honest with yourself and say "I have a problem with_____ and I want to make a change."

 -Education: Find out all you can about your "problem", and soon the "problem" will lose its power over you. Once you know better you can change how you make your decisions and surround yourself with the helpful tools.

-Confronting Emotions: How we feel about things or people can hold us hostage. A physical fear begins to grow once we believe something or someone is a part of us, connected to who we are and how we exist. Learning about ourselves, continuous growth and displays of kindness and understanding can help loosen that emotional grip. Working more with logic and reducing our emotion's power brings us closer to our life goals.

-Small Steps: Since we already feel uneasy let's not add to our stress by tackling too many changes at once. If we are changing our eating habits let's take it week by week. If we are breaking old habits let's take it day by day and if we are implementing personal growth and development let's go with adding one new tool a month. Allow yourself time to get used to the change. Allow for slip-ups and tweaks. 

I know we hear and perhaps even say "oh this will be the year I blah blah blah" but this can be the year, this can be your time. Set your intention, stay focused and let's go for it. Find an accountability buddy and make 2018 the year of change.

For an added push I am gifting you eight (4) bookmarkers from my #MommywoodGems vault as an added push into the New Year New You. I am also including an 8x10 motivational message. Both these gifts can be printed and framed or glued onto your favorite paper. Enjoy!

Intention msg.jpg

Also, stay tuned for updates on some things I am working on for us for this year. Creating our Best Life is my mission and any tool I come across and can pass on to you fills me with gratitude.

Always stress-free xo,


Finding Balance as an Independent Woman

Finding Balance as an Independent Woman

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!