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How to embrace Fear and Create your Best life

How to embrace Fear and Create your Best life

Good Morning Doll, it's great to be back! I haven't chatted with you in almost two weeks and I am excited to share with you all that has happened.

I had a successful Robotic Laparoscopic Abdominal Surgery, which is fancy talk for I had several incisions placed in my abdominal area, my belly inflated and robotic arms instead of an actual surgeon's hands inserted into my abdominal area to repair two small holes in my Belly button. The incisions are tiny so scarring is minimal, the surgery itself takes several hours but I was home by 6pm and my hospital journey began at 10am. It has been a trying experience, to say the least.

The pain I was in those first few days was brutal, you don't realize how much you use your core until something like this occurs. I finally sneezed for the first time this past Thursday and thought I was going to pass out. I didn't eat more than five bites for like a week, my lil mama had to get in the shower with me for my first shower after surgery. I haven't cried silent tears in a very long time but guess what, here we are two weeks later and every step I take I say to myself "this is only temporary, everything will be just fine."

And it will, every moment of discomfort is only temporary. We have to learn how to remember that so in times of trials and tribulations we remain positive, hold on to hope and faith. Whatever is happening to you right now is not your forever. Think about how many times in your life something has caused you pain and sorrow and how here you are right now doing something new. Nothing lasts forever; your first love broke your heart but you healed and learned to love again. You lost what you thought was your only chance at that huge promotion only to come across an even better opportunity. Temporary set backs guide you to permanent solutions.

Would you believe that in the two weeks I've been out of my office not once did my bosses or co-worker call or text to see how I was coming along? Not as much as a basket of fruit, a card or flowers? I have been with my company for almost twenty years want to know the lesson I just learned? That if you are not building for yourself, if you are not doing what you are passionate about you will be reduced to a simple worker bee. Contrary to what you may think, you are replaceable and your boss always thinks about that first.

So...How to embrace Fear and Create your Best life? Ask yourself what are you most passionate about, do well with the least amount of effort and then just go for it! Instead of continuing to invest your time and energy helping build someone else's dream, invest in yourself and build your own. How do you do that if you're like me, living paycheck to paycheck with lots of responsibilities? Well, you start small.

  • if you make jewelry and crafts at home why not open an Etsy account and or try your hand at opening a small booth in a Flea Market?
  • if you bake why not create a few samples and share at the next school event or office party, spread the word and build from there?
  • if you're good at makeup and nails why not offer to assist your friend next time they are getting ready for an event and ask them to spread the word? They can be your walking advertisement.
  • if you are great at creating your families budget, share those tools with others and build from that.
  • if you are awesome at meal prep and planning your families meal menus offer your services to your co-workers and neighbors. Many busy moms and dads would love help in this area.
  • if you love to write, begin sharing your short stories in your local paper or online sites.
  • if you love to photograph your family and get compliments on your shots, take a class and or offer to take your friend's family pics next time and go from there.

There are just so many ways we can Jump, as Steve Harvey suggests that it really doesn't take much effort except to think it, believe it and take an action to do it.

These past two weeks laying mostly on my back with nothing but time to think and evaluate my own life I have reaffirmed my own passions and goals and confirmed to myself that I am on the right track. I haven't been taking as many small steps and jumps as I could have. I have been trying to stay in the safe lane but life is too short to remain there and it's time to take bigger chances and risks no matter how much fear presents itself. I am going to embrace it, talk myself through it and continue to Create my Best life!

I'm here sharing with you on my blog. I started four years ago this month, nervous about who would care about the things I had to say but I know that my experiences and sharing them have touched and helped at least one person and that is a blessing. Small steps to my big dream. Empower, Motivate and Inspire. When I can, how I can and as many times as I can. Life is full of detours but you can always get back on track.

So what small step will you make or take today to Create your Best life? What investment will you make on yourself to make your dreams a reality? What will you say to your loved ones today to encourage them to follow their own passion as well? Share your experience or story with me would love to chat.

Great talking with you again I really missed you.

Always stress-free xo,


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