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How to Turn Uncertainty into Positive actions

How to Turn Uncertainty into Positive actions

Hope makes me Strong & Secure, who believes this statement? What do you believe builds strength and security? I ask myself this question whenever I am weighing a heavy decision.

I was told once that I radiate confidence and strength. That I always seem certain when I make a statement or make a choice. I said thank you, but also added that it wasn't anything special I held but that I learned and that we can all learn this too. It all connects with listening and paying attention especially in the bad times when life is trying to tell you something but the noise is so powerful you can't listen.

It's always a choice, like traffic lights and traffic signs. You can either follow and remain safe or go against and put yourself in harm's way. The same applies to our feelings, to our intuition which is set in place to protect us. We only fail when we don't listen.

But what can you do when you don't know what to do? The Universe has always shown us that the best option is stillness. When you are still, you can listen, you can hear and you can determine what is your best route away from despair.

Doubt creeps in when we are disconnected from our true selves. When we are working with a negative mindset and are trying to build a steady foundation on shaky ground. When we are not sure that the path we are on is the right one yet still we press on and refuse to be still and listen.

Every time I have gone against my own voice, pushed away stillness and wallowed in doubt I have failed. Great intentions without clarity have made my plans breakdown right in front of me. So I have learned to practice the following:

  • find solutions, not more problems- don't tackle several things you have doubts on all at once. Focus on one task at a time. Use Hope as a guide and take baby steps into clearing that to do list with the most important issue handled first.
  • using visuals helps us to see our progress- again making lists helps us to see how far we have come, how much more we have to go and what may need adjusting.
  • prioritize your problems- choosing to deal with what makes you the most fearful will make everything afterward seem like a piece of cake.
  • I can do anything mentality- think back to a time you felt you weren't capable of doing something. Whether it was a lack of confidence, a lack of knowledge or a lack of funds and recall how you totally did it anyway and things turned out great! Be your biggest supporter and treat yourself with kindness.   

How to turn uncertainty into Positive actions? One day at a time, slowly learning to trust in yourself and your abilities to create your best life. Trusting that when you still your heart and mind the Universe will help guide the way. We all feel uncertain at times but we must never give energy to that space for too long. Embrace the choice of changing your circumstances.

How do you deal with uncertainty? 

Always stress-free xo,


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