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How to unlock the Power of Hope

How to unlock the Power of Hope

I recently signed up for another Meditation challenge. This one focuses on Hope and all that it entails. I like to believe I know a lot about Hope but what I have come to realize in just a few days is that in this small four letter word there is tremendous Power.

Things always come into my life just as I need them. The Universe somehow says "Hey, here you go you require this lesson so that you may continue to grow." Such is this challenge. This month marks five years since my last serious relationship ended and my world changed completely. I can't even believe how quickly the time passed by but it did and I am here, healthy, peaceful, content and happy.

Back then content was an illusion, I was happy in some areas and miserable in others. My relationship at the time seemed like a new opportunity at building the family I had always wanted. After breaking up with my daughter's father I set out to work on myself and set an intention on the connections I wanted to build. After my second relationship ended, I realized I had much more work to do and much more digging to accomplish.

During this uncertain time, I was experiencing a lot of uneasiness. I was questioning everything, I trusted nothing. I felt as if my bottom had collapsed. Having my daughter around shined continuous light encouraging my goodness and pushing me towards creating a better life.

I did know for sure that I was a survivor and that I was someway somehow going to recover from this. That being a present parent and having the relationship I had with my child meant that there was plenty of good in me already. That there must be Hope for me yet. So I began to read and write and talk and look within for the answers I needed. What I found gave me plenty of comforts.

I found that we all go through trying times and that falling down is part of life if you are truly living. I found that despair can literally kill you if you let it. I found that only we can save ourselves regardless of the hands that offer themselves to us for support.

Hope is a source that is never ending and if we remain aware of it and its power it can give us strength. But we must allow it to be our guide, explore and invite it into our lives even when we are at our lowest. Hope is a precious tool we hold within ourselves and sometimes forget to call upon. 

This is what I learned:

-hold on to Hope it is a Lifeline you can call out to

-you must put action behind your words, it is not enough to just Hope for the Best

-fearing uncertainty and wanting to control the outcome of things is normal but we must use Hope to help us embrace these moments, look for the potential it brings and the strength we can take away

-Hope must become intentional not just a wish, it can turn into an excuse if you don't use actions

-there is Hope for everyone, in every corner, there is an opportunity for change

I no longer feel regret about the end of that relationship because it was not meant to be a Forever it was a Reason. That reason still reveals itself today in small things and how I deal with chaotic moments not always but mostly with ease. I am so grateful for him and to him for our time together and I can actually smile now in connection to his name. 

How to unlock the Power of Hope? Believe that whatever is happening right now shall pass. Change your perspective to believe it isn't happening to you but through you and that you are strong enough to see the next minute, next hour, even the next day. Always know you have value and a purpose in this life. Never stop creating the best you. 

How did Hope work for you today? Share your story. I will leave you with the centering thought "Hope is my source of Strength" and mantra, "I am pure potentiality" from my meditation for that particular day. 

Always stress-free xo,


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