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I went to bed with a plan, woke up and had a Stroke.

I went to bed with a plan, woke up and had a Stroke.

Stroke - a sudden interruption in the blood supply of the Brain.

Hello my love, you are not reading this incorrectly, you are not seeing things and this is not a joke. Yours truly is recovering from a Stroke. Last Saturday I woke up and could not feel anything on my right side. I went to bed with plans to invest my Saturday morning prepping for my upcoming Photography Show instead I spent four days in the hospital with a Heart Monitor.

I woke up and did or tried to do what is my regular routine. I lay on each side of my body and stretch my arms and legs as I breathe deeply for few times. But this time around I felt nothing and a slight surge of panic. I could hear my daughter in the shower getting ready for work. I look at my right hand was moving my fingers but nothing was happening. I tried to do the same with my toes and nothing. I began to talk to myself like I was trying to talk someone off the ledge “ ok this is really not happening, you are going to be fine, you just fell asleep wrong”. So I tried again and nothing. I grabbed my phone and began to Google my symptoms I was thinking Bell’s Palsy but knew it was wrong because it wasn’t just my face I felt weird.

I tried to sit up on my bed but just roll right back down on my side. I quickly put down my phone and had another stern chat with myself “ok Erica can’t find you like this you have to get up and get to her”. I rolled off my bed onto my left side and crawled out of my room. As I dragged myself I keep thinking that in no way was this real. It couldn’t be I am a HEALTHY women, I don’t stress I practice Mindful Living. But yes here I was crawling to my daughter. I could hear myself breathing heavy and I managed to as my daughter tells me to bang on the bathroom door a few times very loudly. As she opens the door she looks down and drops an F bomb while I try to remain calm and explain I can’t feel my right side we need to call an ambulance.

As crazy as it sounds but not crazy for me, I had her help me to the bathroom so I can use the toilet before the ambulance arrived. I had her call her job and let them know she would not becoming in and I had her drag me back to my room so she could help me get dressed as she was on the phone with 911 so they wouldn’t find her mother looking like a hot mess. In my mind all I can think about was “Let me Control what I can until I can’t control it any longer”. The ambulance arrived quickly and the woman and man where wonderful. They explained yes, “you could be having or have had a Stroke. We need to get you out of here quickly but don’t worry you will be fine. You are doing just fine.” I get placed and strapped in the chair and off we go.

As I am exiting my building in a chair, strapped and helpless I still don’t believe any of these things are real. I am looking around for a sign that at any moment I will snap out of this. They transfer me into the ambulance, strapped me in, Erica gets in behind me, they close the door and off we go. On the drive I am looking around and out the window trying to gauge the distance of the drive. I am answering questions, I am looking at my child, I am speaking to the Universe and I looking at a movie. This is not me.

I went to bed with a plan, woke up and had s Stroke.

We get to the emergency room, I am answering questions I hear my speech becoming more slurred. I am asked to say my name and date of birth once again. I am asked if I can share “my story”. I tell them “I went to bed fine, woke up and could not feel my right side. I tried to get out of bed and couldn’t move, I dragged myself to my daughter and here we are.” The Doctor asks me to raise my arms I tell him I can only raise my left, another Doctor comes over raises both my arms and my right one drops. I hear the word STROKE and I begin to cry. I hadn’t cried or felt nervous up until that point. I just kept saying to myself this is just not happening but to hear the word Stroke that was as real as it could get. I looked at my daughter and that’s when the tears came. In all the organized commotion I am being attached to machines, comforted by the nurses and being prepped to be rolled into the Cat scan room. “You are going to be fine Ms. Corona says my ambulance team. The woman gives me a bright smile and squeezes my left arm tightly. “We are going to inject you with a solution so we can see what is going on in your brain ok, all will be fine”. I nod look around, look at Erica and off I go.

Four days in the hospital on the fifth floor dedicated to Heart patience, One Cat Scan, two Echocardiograms (one through my throat), one MRI, walking around with a Portable Heart Monitor, what seemed like endless blood pressure and fever monitoring, two sets of great nursing staff who rotated my care and made Erica and I feel safe, four days of baby wipe showers because I couldn’t get my heart monitor wet, four days of my Lil Mama sleeping right by my side, four days of just sleeping and watching tv, low sodium diet food, what is your name what is your date of birth over and over, two full days before I could say “I had a Stroke” and truly believe it, and about twenty tubes of blood later I am HOME.

I went to bed with a plan, woke up and had a Stroke.

No long term brain or heart damage, within minutes of the Cat Scan REGAINED full mobility. Turns out I have Protein C Deficiency and Protein S Deficiency which are disorders in the blood that cause blood clotting. From what they gathered it is possible that while I slept or as I woke up something happened which caused issues in my normal blood flow through out my body to my brain. It is totally treatable, it is also among other things inherited. My blood will have to be retested in a few days again to see the level of medication I will require moving forward. Right now I’m on two medication for three months that help thin my blood and I am on a low sodium diet. Happy to have no other restrictions.

I am a fourty-seven year old women with a pretty low stress lifestyle. My diet is balanced, I practice Mindful Living, I don’t drink or smoke and I practice Meditation and Yoga every day and I had a Stroke. Never would have I imagined such a thing but here we are. I am grateful to all these practices because perhaps they allowed me to bounce back so quickly. Unless I tell you what happened, you would never know. I am still in disbelief almost in a dream like state.

I went to bed with a plan, woke up and had a Stroke.

My take a way from this experience is even more affirming of my respect for time, value, and energy. My time and myself is even more valuable. If I was respectful of the energy I engaged in or surrounded myself with in the past I am more protective and respectful moving forward. If we are breathing we are living but how we are living is a choice.

I share this with you so that you do go out now and start Creating your Best Life! Stop waiting for one thing or the other. Stop looking for permission to be happy and live with joy. Plan less and Do more. I look forward to a great continued recovery. I also look forward to growing with you, sharing more and accomplishing more with your support and vice verse. I hope we continue to Empower, Motivate, and Inspire with each step we take. I am sending love and light. Please take care of yourself and your loved ones, don’t neglect any symptoms or put off anything dealing with your health. I laugh now but my controlling issues could have really wasted precious minutes, Trying to figure things out on my own in bed, Googling information, even my bathroom break and having my daughter grab my sunglasses. All these little things could have added up but they didn’t. All the stars were aligned for a great outcome.

Grateful to be here with you another day. Have you had your own health scare? Are you currently dealing with surprise situation of your own? Share your journey here would love to chat. I am sharing a link to a quick rundown on what a Stroke is for informational purposes.

What is a Stroke?

Always stress-free xo,


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