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Four reasons why you should never Stop asking yourself "Who Am I?"

Four reasons why you should never Stop asking yourself "Who Am I?"

Discover who You are, not what Others want you to be.

 Time and time again I share how with every conversation I have with my daughter I walk away with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Of course, every conversation is not a lightbulb moment we do have times we just chat about crap but for the most part, it is always a time of thought-provoking reflections.

As with any conversation I always hope to walk away with a smile or having learned something anything big or small. As a parent, it is even more rewarding as the years go by to sit in front of your baby and now speak with them as an adult. Parenting is a journey always filled with questions, some of us are way too hard on ourselves and some of us take the "easy" route and want to stay on the friend lane but none of those choices bring you to an authentic happy finish line. 

I had the pleasure of celebrating my daughter's twenty-third Birth Day last weekend. Dinners, drinks, friends and fam gathering etc...it was really a fun time. During this time I got to sit with her and her close friends and hear them share their stories and their struggles and accomplishments in their twenty-three-year journey of Life. It is amazing how the more you think your life is different from others the more it is the same. 

As I listened and shared when I walked away I thought of Four reasons why you should never stop asking yourself "Who Am I?

- Fear is not always your enemy but just a cautious friend. Age has nothing to do with fear but if you remain young at heart any challenge that you face won't seem so grand because if you recall when you were a child nothing could stop you. Maturity doesn't mean you can't take risks, one of the reasons why communication begins to fail among the ages is because "older" people feel they know everything and don't give the "younger" people the respect they deserve. Times change and we must change with them. Fear may have stopped us in our past but we can change, let go of that and work on a new future.

- Loss has to happen sometimes in order for us to become free of old attachments. As we age we become used to what has worked for us or what perhaps our families set up for us to do but it doesn't have to be. When you constantly ask yourself, "Who Am I" you become more comfortable letting go of that which does not fit your response.

- Change can be amazing. Who said you have to work a traditional job to feed your family? Who said you couldn't be...? Those people don't matter, You matter. What you invest your time in matters. I'm not talking about not being responsible, I've been responsible for myself since I was eighteen years old and responsible for another human being for twenty-three years. I'm talking about living your Best life. Creating your path, are you really a Graphic Artist because that is who you see in the mirror or because the paycheck was right?

- Love. Why should Love be a reason to never stop asking yourself "Who Am I?" Because in order to nurture positive Mental Health at our core we must love and be kind to ourselves. When you know who you are and embrace it you never allow negativity to surround you for too long. You become your own best advocate and the best problem solver anyone could ask for. When you Love yourself you value Life, you see Beauty and possibility in Everything. You are not defined by others but by your own design.

Who Am I? Ask yourself that today. If you don't know go out and discover it for yourself. You are your greatest investment. Share your journey, share your thoughts.

Always stress-free xo,


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