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Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

My doll, it has been a very stress-full last couple of weeks. At first, the stress was positive it was a surge of anticipation for things to come. The new journeys I was about to embark on with my Photography and the expansion of my Mommywood brand. Then I was thrown a curve and everything had to stop.

Have you heard the expression "maintaining a car is like paying another form of Rent."? Most of us drive regardless of whether it is new or used, luxury or regular, we become used to turning the key and driving off. We only stop when something gets in the way. Well, something got in my way and I couldn't think about or spend my energy on anything else.

My car key was lost! 

The second pair had a broken case. My Betty (that's my car's name) who is a Lexus 2002, not shabby since I make sure I maintain her for her age decided she would not work with my broken case key and locked herself in protection. She thought she was being stolen. So two tows later, a reprogramming and a new key totaling about a thousand dollars...Betty is back home. Lexus apologized for the inconvenience by offering me a diagnostic report and a trade-in deal. No thanks.

I share this story because some may think attachment to "things" is wrong. It is a vain thing to do and we should value "people" more. I agree totally on most days. During my ordeal and walking or catching the bus home I thought otherwise. I thought about how hard I had worked those first few years to pay off my car which when I bought it still was not new. I thought about how hard I continue to work to maintain it and all the things it allows and has allowed me to do.

Take my daughter to school, bring home groceries, go to work, doctor visits, hospital stays, take care of my Baby #2 (my grandmother) for all those years. Trips back and forth between NYC boroughs to tend to my families needs. My trips to my volunteer events, outings with my daughter for Mommy and Daughter time. Just endless day to day, years and miles of events. 

When I watch people who have multiple things just to have them I always feel a sense of sadness for them. They aren't valuing what they have they are just adding to their collection. This to me is vanity. But when you care for your belongings big or small that to me is Gratitude and Appreciation. This episode with my car reminded me of some valuable lessons.

This Christmas and Holiday season my wish for you is that you stop collecting and start cherishing what is right in front of you. Stop upgrading simply because and start maintaining what is already there... Learn to tell the difference.

Invest in your Joy! Let us end this year with a new focus and that is to begin to treat people with more kindness and to treat the things around us with more gratitude. Everything is not always replaceable... Learn to tell the difference. 

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support. I truly wake up so grateful that Mommywood has become part of your family. That you have joined me on this journey to Creating my Best Life and that I have touched something in you that has sparked you to also do the same. 2018 let us together continue to become Empowered, Motivated and Inspired to be our Best Selves. I'm looking forward to sharing with you some awesome new things Mommywood has going and to gift you some great goodies to help you along your own journey. Please continue to visit, don't forget to subscribe, and pass along to a friend. Let us all become great TOGETHER.

I do have one bit of great news that like I mentioned, in the beginning, got sidetracked. I published my first Photography Coffee Table book! It is filled with a collection of New York City images in all our Seasons. The book is now ready for pre-order through Paypal, Square Cash and Chase Quick Pay. I am also building my Photography website which I hope to launch mid-January fingers crossed so look out for that news as well. If you're interested in my book please reach out to me would love to hear from you.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thank you again.

Always stress-free xo,


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