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Dealing with a Loss can test your Will to Survive

Dealing with a Loss can test your Will to Survive

The anniversary of my childhood bestie is right around the corner. I have been thinking of what her life would have been like had she been with us today. I know that for her mom time has not made things anything different and those thoughts bought me to this post.

When you experience a loss, you feel like you yourself are dying.The pain is so heavy breathing takes so much thought it no longer is as simple as it once was.The sun hurts your eyes the food has no taste music is just noise.Movement is a burden voices disturb your space the wind hurts you.

When you experience loss no one can possible understand can they? How could they? They don't know what you have lost? They don't get how valuable this thing was to you! They are never going to be as lost as you are.

When you experience loss you are alone on an island and not by choice. You were just dropped there no one asked you if it was ok to leave you behind. They just opened the gate and pushed you out.

Sink or swim you hear in the back of your mind sink or swim. Hurry up make a choice or you will Parrish forever.

Make a choice or you will disappear you will no longer matter.

When you experience loss every second feels like a day. Time is not your friend yet it is, you fight with the hands in the clock you keep saying go backwards erase what just took place go backwards make things like they were but instead the hands move forward saying no I must move forward it's time for you to let go and say goodbye

Sink or swing the clock is ticking

When you experience loss you find yourself barely staying alive you think is it worth it? Maybe I should be gone too maybe it will be better that way. Maybe nothing matters now what's the point?

Dealing with any loss can be an uphill battle you have to keep asking yourself "how do I survive this how do I stay alive, I don't want to die." I guess the sheer fact of admitting you want to stick around is a lifeboat you are holding on to.

This was a great post on tinybuddha.com check it out.What are some tools that can be used in dealing with Loss? Share your thoughts.

Always stress free xo,


Gratitude is not an Excuse to accept Mediocracy

Gratitude is not an Excuse to accept Mediocracy

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