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When being an Expert can become Annoying

When being an Expert can become Annoying

Hey Love, how are you? How are things going on your end? I've been juggling a few things and trying not to allow all I see on the news weigh heavy on my shoulders. It is a challenge though when daily all you see and hear about is unjust.

Here's a little update on some events on my end. Baby #2, my Grandma is having some sleep issues I still can't get under control. It is now affecting her circulation because of lack of sleep and movements. Being an Advocate for the Elderly & one with Alzheimer is a challenge but my mini support team is holding me down as best they can and I appreciate it. I am confident that by the end of the month we shall be in a better place.

I had dinner last month with an old friend one I spoke about here and here it was a pleasant meet. We didn't touch on past conversations. We focused on the moment and looked ahead. One take away from that whole experience is to respect and not remain stuck on events that already took place. Instead, learn and try to rebuild if mutual interest is right. Friendships grow and change all the time remaining clear is the best tool for longevity. Speaking about friends I also received some news about another friend things I commented on here and that news made me sad. She is having some health issues and my girlfriend thought best to bring me up to date so that I can make a decision on whether to leave things as they ended or write another ending or perhaps a new beginning. Jury still out on that I haven't invested the time to make a decision.

On the personal growth front, Mommywood is doing well, the new site is functioning lovely. I am satisfied with how the changes are coming along and so appreciative of the positive feedback. I want to start a Campaign using the Hashtag #MommywoodGems so stay tuned for that. It is going to be lots of fun, filled with Mindfulness, Self Care and lots of Love. I'm also taking Mommywood to the radio so please join me Monday, February 20th, at 8pm-11pm on Radio 103.9 New York station for some great Mommywood Chatter. You may have received an earlier message on it. Support!

I've had a few other losses and gains and what has stuck in my mind about them has been the reaction of those around me. Everything is about building a Tribe, a community of people that you surround yourself with and help you feel protected. I find one of those ways by being a part of my Sister Circle. Our gatherings are full of nothing but love and support. Peeling away the layers and being wrapped in love, knowing that things will turn out fine in the end. Then you have a moment you run into an Expert, the Annoying know it all. As I sat drinking my hot chocolate at a local bakery the other day I happened to be sitting next to a group of friends. Or so I thought until I overheard a glimpse of the exchange and it wasn't so friendly.

That sparked this thought, thank heavens for Evernote!

Today I need a Friend, not an Expert.
I need someone who will listen and hold my hand.
I need someone to pass me the tissues and give me a hug.
I need someone to make me laugh and remind me of good times.

Today I need a Friend, not an Expert.
I need comfort, guidance, and security. 
I need to be told everything will turn out fine.

I don't need someone who believes they "knows it all" and is constantly advocating that point.
I don't need someone who lives their life scripted.
I don't need someone who can't admit their own failure.
I don't need someone who thinks that if you stick to the plan everything will work out.

I need the dreamer, the hopeless romantic, the child at heart, the cry at a drop of a dime Someone. Is that you?

Do you have that friend that always has the logical answer to everything even when it's the most random thing? The one that wants to break everything down for you so that you can understand how it really works? 

I have had one or two and I am sure you have as well, perhaps the one reading is "the one".
Here's a change in perspective:

-everything doesn't have to be explained
-sometimes talk is just talk
-no one is dumb, it’s just some things aren't that important that must be remembered
-hearing you say what I feel is ok is sometimes all I need from you
-I love you BUT you are ANNOYING me

Know when to turn the Teacher off. Being an Expert can become Annoying because sometimes we just want to talk with our Friend. Keep things cool, simple and lite!

Share your thoughts? Is it annoying or is it helpful? Do you think it serves a purpose to be "on" 24/7 or can you compromise that everything has a time and a place?

Always stress-free xo,

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