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The Power of Self Reliance

The Power of Self Reliance

“Finding Balance isn't going to fix your discomfort, it isn't a magic pill but what it is is a mindset that gives you permission to remove what no longer serves its purpose from your line of vision.”~Mari C. #MommywoodGems 

I had to remind myself of this several nights ago. In the midst of chaos, we must find the strength to stop and just let go. A warm cup of stress relieving Yogi tea brought me back to center. I was really in a poor headspace and made myself a cup. The message attached to my tea said “Self Reliance is the Greatest Art” wow now if that wasn't the Universe speaking to me! 

Support is great, it can be very useful it can be very comforting it can help you build your strength when you alone can't seem to find it. Support also can become a crutch and a pain in the behind. It can turn a happy event into a second-guessing nightmare.

This is where I go back to the whole balance remark. You know the saying there is strength in numbers? Well, today I want us to build strength on the Self. I want to praise Independence, Self support or any other synonym you would like to use. 

Independence is a beautiful thing, as human beings, we are reaching for it from the moment we learn how to crawl and as parents, we are teaching it from the moment our kids learn to speak. Independence is the prize we all want to win. It signals that we are competent enough to stand on our own two feet. It fosters a sense of pride and accomplishment. It should never be something we lose sight of or feel guilty that we are holding tightly to.

Dealing with my grandmother's care has been such a test in my life. I have had to rely on others for many things and it has not been easy. Balancing differences has been tested many times. This journey has taught me that yes there is strength in numbers but at the end of the day I am solely responsible for the decisions that need to be made. The same applies for any of us.

We build connections and communities so that we don't have to go at things alone. We are encouraged to seek help from others and give help as well. But are we encouraging the continued building of our Independent foundation or is that lost once we join with others? Is independence no longer that which we once crawled to achieve?

The Power of Self Reliance is grand! It took me reading my tea message to go back to embracing that which I had somehow lost. Yes, I want to be part of a community. Yes I want to find and nurture a support system, yes I want to be a team player but I also want to be Independent me. I want to rely on my own power. I want to grab on to my own strength. I want to find and build my own resources. 

How do we find a balance to do that and more? What measures can be taken to find the Power in Self Reliance? I suggest:

  • nurturing a loving relationship with yourself in which you trust your decisions more
  • setting your priorities so that your thoughts align with your actions
  • you start a journal, share less with others and work more with Self
  • you ask yourself the hard question, "what would I do if no one else was around?"
  • working on making your words matter, be clear or disappear.
  • investing time in your dreams more than you invest time supporting others.

As selfish as some may think this is, it isn't. Self care is crucial to a healthy mindset and developing the skills and using tools to create our best lives is always a win win for everyone involved. Going back to another parenting example of how we never want to see our children fail but if we are always picking them up they won't ever learn how to pick themselves up.

It is all about life lessons. Learning and teaching and never stopping that cycle no matter how old we are. Connections, support, and community are all wonderful things but so is Self Reliance. Let's never stop cultivating that tool too. 

What do you think? Share your thoughts.

Always stress free xo,




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