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Think of your Breath as your Spirit

Think of your Breath as your Spirit

It feels like I haven't been here in forever when in reality it's barely been over a week. I find myself just really sitting still and breathing. I look at my phone often and realize I have no calls to make. I have no errands to run, I have nothing to follow up on and I have no one waiting on me. I have just one baby now and this baby pretty much handles her own.

Since my grandmother's transition less than two weeks ago time has been surreal to me. I just feel this big void and I am in no rush to fill it. Sure my journey with her was not easy but looking back it was full of so many lessons and so many grateful moments. Her mind may have been robbed by her disease Alzheimers, but she still was full of Spirit. In some ways I find myself mourning not only her loss but the loss of being so needed.

I took a Yoga class the other night and the Instructor said "think of your Breath as your Spirit. Yes, it may sound odd but think about it, what happens when you stop breathing?" The answer we all know...we die.

So that in itself caused me to pause and be ever so grateful that again my Yoga practice and Meditation has come to save the day. Breathing is part of life we never think about it much unless we have a cold or some other illness yet breathing can give us such peaceful moments, such joy. When we slow down and take a deep breath we truly feel alive! We can appreciate all things much better.

I am taking things really easy and really being in every moment. I took myself on a movie date on Friday night and had a wonderful time. I went to see Beauty and the Beast in honor of my friend Cynthia's birthday. She would have been 46 and she loved Beauty and the Beast. I cried, I sang, I laughed, I smiled, I was living.

When we hit a rough patch it is hard to say what is the best tool to use to get past it. What I can say and from my perspective is just slow down and Breathe. Rushing past that moment, that discomfort, that pain may seem like the best thing to do but it isn't. Rushing doesn't make anything go away, running doesn't leave anything behind permanently. All unresolved matters catch up to us in the end.

So I ask you to join me on this path and let's give slowing down and breathing a try. Next time you fail at something or your next argument or worse next loss, just breathe. Take care of your Spirit, be kind to yourself and most of all take all the time that you need. Set your own clock.

I want to thank all of you for the sweet emails and comments. I am still working on bringing great topics and content so Mommywood Chatter can continue to grow. I am just practicing what I preach. Stress free and Mindful living.

Are you going through a rough patch? Are you feeling alone and with no direction? You are not alone. Be kind with yourself, know you can always stop by here and chat with me. Share your experience.

with love Always,


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