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Four easy steps to Get out of Your own Way

Four easy steps to Get out of Your own Way

Hello, hello Happy Memorial Day! Sending gratitude to all who have sacrificed to keep others safe.  Remember love this is not about a sale or an extra day off of work, but about people who never even met you but believe in keeping this country safe. Regardless of our belief's let us be respectful of Human Life.

Bringing you up to date, I went to see a surgeon about my Abdominal Hernia, turns out I have two small holes instead of one which is what I thought. He assured me that it wasn't an emergency that I could probably go another five years without requiring surgery but since I am experiencing pain and discomfort and because it is affecting my daily life activities then we should get things done soon. He gave me two options, one can be short-term the other tends to have longer results. Of course, I chose longer results, I am not made of money. Which speaking of thanks to the wonderful woman at the financial aid section of the hospital who counted my daughter as a dependent even though she is now twenty-two I just barely made the cut for the sliding scale and the cost is reasonable. Thank you, Mrs. T. for all your assistance stay blessed! So I will be having the surgery in July, I will share stories on that as they come.

Today I wanted us to chat a little about how we get in our own way and don't even realize it at times. Today I want us to explore: Four easy steps to Get out of Your own Way...

  • Trust -start believing in yourself, listen to your heart and keep still. When you are feeling like there is no place to turn, turn inward and ask yourself questions. You are your best source of information on you. Trust your gut feeling and have faith, then go out and Try
  • Value -know that your worth does not come from possession but from your heart. That you have value and have so much to offer and those that respect and nurture that are those that you should surround yourself with at all times
  • Focus -keep your eye on the prize. Nothing is ever easy that is worth having is the saying but it is so true. Remain focused on your goal, keeping an open mind to possible tweaks along the way. Stubborn people make something out of nothing don't be Stubborn!
  • Accountability -build a tribe that will encourage and support you. It is not about the quanity but the quality of those providing that support. It could just be two close people who you share your journey with and hold you accountable for meeting your goals. It can be just one great friend and one online community that helps nudge your growth.

Here we have four great foundation tools to get on our way to creating our best life. Let me know which one of these you have used to get a goal accomplished. Or perhaps I bought your attention to something you had not even thought of. Let's chat would love to know your thoughts.

Always stress-free xo,


btw...I wanted to also share that I couldn't wait any longer to donate my Locs to Locks of Love. I got up on Saturday and just said today is the day. It's been five years since my last donation and the summer is almost here so why not. Was so happy to do it and so happy with the results here's a picture. Please visit the site and support in anyway you can, it's for a great cause. I know friends and fam are very proud of me and I know I will be helping a little one in need. Xo!!!

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