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Time to get away from the I Have To and start living in the Just Be. Here are Five things that can help.

Time to get away from the I Have To and start living in the Just Be. Here are Five things that can help.

Happy Sunday! We are here counting our blessings and walking in gratitude for another chance at Creating our Best life. This past week I was so proud of myself my workouts and Yoga practice are coming along well. My core is actually cooperating with my movements. Slowly I am beginning to feel confident that progress and change is on my side.

Last week I sent out an email instead of a post to my subscribers just a little extra hug but today I am also going to share those goodies with you as well as some additional treats to get your feet wet about Mindful Living and ways to go about calming our minds and healing our spirits so that we can live a more Present life.

It is almost a contradiction for me to say we should all be less connected to Social Media and more connected to the present moment. As a writer with a blog dedicated to Empowering, Motivating and Inspiring our best lives, of course, my success relies on you reading my work, discussing and hopefully (wink wink) sharing. It would be a lie to say that is not a goal for Mommywood, but it is not the only goal. I long ago let numbers and page visits not be the main focus. I want conversations, I want questions, I want aha moments and I think I definitely have them here with you by my side. So this is why today I wanted to share a few more tools with you that you can add to your arsenal towards greatness. 

Focus, is the key! Time to get away from the I Have to and start living in the Just Be.

I use many things for motivation and look for lessons every chance I get.  Every day is a new start a new opportunity to create the life you dream of. One thing I use is reading. Books mean so much to me but with life sometimes pulling at us in several directions it is tough to just sit down and read so I have embraced Audio Books and I found a copy of one of my favs on YouTube. It's called Where you Go, there you Are by Jon Kabat-Zinn. I learned that the start to a better You is actually Knowing who you are and you can only do that by dissection and honesty. Pulling back the layers of your life. 

Another thing I do which I actually carve time out for is Coloring. I find it helps me slow down and focus. I am always searching for free printables and am sharing a link here. There are so many sights that share free stuff just Google. You will find that a nice box set of new Crayons or Coloring pencils can really bring peace and a smile to your face.

Podcasts! I love these as well because again life is busy sometimes extra busy for parents and these are a great way to invest your time while let 's say waiting around for your kid(s) to finish one of their after school or weekend activities. I have these two I use one of which is Robin Roberts which is a fav. The other one is called Strangers. There are so many to choose from hundreds of topics and lengths. The fun is in finding the one that suits you best.

Finally, I come back to another tool I use daily which is YouTube. You can find anything there. I learned how to propagate my plants there. As with anything in this day of technology it has its pros and cons. If your goal and focus are creating something positive, then the silly and even gross videos won't grab your attention. I come here to find all types of motivational speeches be it from CEO's, Celebrities, Life Coaches even Pastors / Preachers. I believe useful lessons can come in all packages and my Spirituality will grow even more from them. I have so many favorites but these two always stand out Marianne Williamson and TD Jakes. From how to be a kinder Parent, to how to Love better to finding Forgiveness to heal yourself. These two always share an uplifting and loving message. 

Time to get away from the I have To and start living in the Just Be. It' time to stop looking over the fence at your neighbor and start focusing on your own grass. Time to look at and appreciate what you have and how far you have come so you can keep going to where you want to be. Hope this share is helpful. Share your journey and stories here with me, would love to know what you are working on. Also, feel free to request or suggest other topics and tools you would love for us to talk about in this Self-Care journey.

Always stress-free xo,


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