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Five steps to becoming a Peaceful Queen and letting go of the Superwoman

Five steps to becoming a Peaceful Queen and letting go of the Superwoman

Hey, Happy Memorial Day weekend hope all is well as we honor the memory of those who have served this country to protect our freedoms. And speaking of honoring today I thought we could have a chat about what your definition of a "strong woman" is. Does she put all others before herself, does she multi-task and make it seem effortless, does she run her own business or does she stay at home and tend to her family, does she do both? I have met along my journey of self-care all types of women and the greatest part always is the package they have presented themselves in. It continues to be a very educating experience.

In my Sister Luna Circle gathering the other night the recurring theme was "expectations". How the expectations of others be it strangers or loved ones have affected us either currently or in our past life choices. Some women spoke of feeling as if they have let others down, not done enough, haven't made them proud, didn't choose correctly etc etc...the more I thought about our chat the sadder I became. I realized no matter what our background or our age, all the females in that room at some point had suffered from the "Superwoman" burden.

As the evening unfolded we all shared ways in which we had detached ourselves from that heavy load or were in the process of detachment. Many had taken years to even realize their struggle, several were aware early but just set those thoughts aside, we all agreed though on one thing...it was realizing that "SELF" needed to come first and that Self-care is not a bad thing. We can't be everything to everyone but we must be Everything to Ourselves. Check out this link on just how much damage women, especially women of color are causing themselves with this "Super Woman" role.

How to become a Peaceful Queen and let go of the Superwoman. That takes effort and commitment but these are five steps to help you get started:

-Boundaries, learn to say no. You have an obligation to self first, that then trickles on to helping others.

-Support, build a strong foundation and unit. Surround yourself with those who can share the weight. Whether at home or work, be it family or friends build a community that you can feel free to say "I need help". Needing help isn't a weakness get comfortable with that fact.

-Realistic Dreams, are you living your truth? Are you pursuing what makes you happy or what someone else "thought" would be good for you? Sit with yourself and answer that question. Time to get real.

-Self-Care and Mental Health Care, are not optional. Find things that you enjoy and do them often. Our minds and bodies need rest to replenish energy. Read books, put the phone away, take mini breaks from Social Media, eat more raw foods, be mindful of your nutrition, go for annual checkups even if you have to out of pocket, research holistic methods instead of popping pills, try Meditation and Yoga. Change your mindset from moving fast to taking things more slowly.

last but not least...

-Have FUN!!!, what is the point of living if you aren't having any fun. Stressed people aren't fun to be around. Whether you are single, dating, married, a parent or not live with joy in your heart and a carefree spirit. This attitude creates abundance and with that comes endless possibilities. Hey, no one said that a Peaceful Queen has to give up being Super. 

Because you are Super and a Queen I want to also share this link to a song that was my Sister Luna Circle theme the other night. It is by a lovely artist named Jessie J and the song is called Queen. So let's stand up, embrace our strengths, Empower, Motivate and Inspire one another without the pressure of Perfection.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and let me know your thoughts. Are you the Peaceful Queen or the Superwoman? Can you be both or do you prefer one over the other? 

Always stress-free xo,


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