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Can you say busy bee???

So for the month of September I will be participating in the September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge with Kimberly from beingawordsmith.com
This will be a way to meet new bloggers, make new friends and have some fun.

*art work is compliments of  libra by saki blackwing tattoo design

These are her guidelines:
What? 2nd Annual September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge. Participants are asked to blog about the writing prompts below only on the EVEN days of the month. That’s 15 posts. I will also be doing a giveaway and offering prizes throughout September.
Why? September is my birthday month. Sapphire is the birthstone. I really enjoy connecting with bloggers and writers and I get to celebrate my birthday the whole month with you.
When? The challenge begins on Tuesday, September 2, 2014 and ends on Tuesday, September 30, 2014.
How? Write and publish your posts corresponding to the 15 writing prompts below. A link-up will be available on my corresponding post each day of the challenge for you to link up your applicable post.
Her 1st challenge was to give 4/5 reasons why Mommywood is a must read and I think it is for the following reasons...

1- I blog because I love to talk. I have had such a stress free parenting ride that I wanted to share all I could on how to achieve the same. I rarely punished my daughter in 19 years, we never used time out method, she was allowed to do pretty much all things kids love to do including some that some kids even myself as a teen had to sneak around doing and we never had back talk or yelling matches.
I used the Libra symbol of the scale to start off my post because it is a symbol of balance.
I am all about balance, you can't have peace you can't give or share love and life without balance.

2- I believe in teaching children from an early age the proper skills of communication and respect from all parties they ever interact with so no one ever disrespects them and they build a wonderful sense of worth.

3- You won't find drama or negativity on my page. There is no need to tear someone else down to build yourself up.

4- I am currently a single mom, having an awesome time living my life instead of watching others live theirs and I still love and respect my x's even though we are no longer together. Some things in life change, end or disappear and that is ok. With change comes growth and we should never stop growing. Many of my posts are tips and tricks that touch on that.

5- Last but not least, I am not the best cook or share many crafts or hold many giveaways or touch very often on my love for a higher power but I believe in the balance of all above mentioned.
I think variety is wonderful and challenging and I think everyone has something to offer at any given moment both good or bad and the more the merrier.
There is no right or wrong... just a way.

Hope you join me on this ride and have fun with me on this challenge. See you here again soon.
Always stress free xo

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