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Did you hear? Big Pouty Lips are In!

My loves hope you are having a wonderful day today. I see so many getting ready for Memorial Day weekend, I know I am looking forward to my week off after yippy!
I promise not to drag on this subject I know its practically old news being we live in such a fast paced society and she finally confessed. I just really want to share my thoughts and perspective.

illustration by counterculturebeauty.com

From my window, my view, my life I have always been around women with fantastic lips. Again, it isn't until someone else finds what is normal to you so revolutionary that you stop and pay it some attention. I realize now that to be fare I have to be open to keeping focus on years and years of being taught through magazines, bill boards, television etc...what is Beautiful.

Here I am again addressing another body part Lips. Both genders have them but the sexualization attached when it comes to women has reached a new peak. By now many of us have seen, read, heard about this Kylie Jenner Lip challenge, usatoday.com , foxnews.com. The use of shot glasses and other tools to plump up our lips in hopes to make them fuller and more sexy.

illustration by pinterest.com

This is how far back I recall coming across anything related to this, when I first laid eyes on Mick Jagger. This was a man with huge lips but did it really phase me? no. It only opened my eyes because he was a man. I wasn't something I deemed news worth. Then came Angelina Jolie and seems the world went crazy and here today we have Kylie Jenner.

First of all she is still a developing young lady, why so much emphasis on her looks, style etc...With that being said ok let's get back to the lips. Why the big deal really? Why months and months on this same topic when there are far more news worth items? Well I think but could be wrong it has to do with people's obsession with celebrities and appearance. Now I even read its totally ok to be curvy or to have no Thigh gaps, to go without makeup and the shocker....to wake up and be comfortable in your own skin. Wow! really? I have woken up many many days thinking this. I have looked in the mirror and seen big lips all my life. I never knew they weren't in.

illustration by justjaredjr.com

But I get it, society has done its job. It's made many of us hate ourselves and value others. It's made women always think we can look better, do better, be better. That if we just make that small adjustment then you will beautiful.

Ladies please! Stop falling for that BS!!! Own your individuality, welcome it, Praise it. Once you see the beauty in yourself others will follow. You are beautiful to me.

Share your thoughts, tell me your story.

Always stress free xo.

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