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The Duggar's, another failed "Reality"

When will I stop being shocked at all these crazy back stories that come out of these "reality" shows? When will society stop building these people's lives up only to watch them tumble down? When will enough be enough and when will poor actions have consequences?

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I don't know enough about this family to feel much other than sadness over the current events. I only know the snippets I see when I go to check my Yahoo email, or what I hear on the news, see in a magazine or newspaper. I do remember feeling sad for the mom when she lost baby # I am not sure and having it play out on television. I only know that in the past year at least one sister is everywhere, dating, engaged or getting married. I only know that I was drop jaw shocked a few weeks ago when news broke of Josh Duggar and his past.

This is a family paraded on television on their values, on family unit, on religion and on love. The "family" is everything motto, the more the merrier. Purity is a staple in their upbringing and focused on often in interviews and books.

Now the curtain has been pulled, the rug has been pulled everything has been pulled to reveal the unfortunate secret that one of the son's in the past has sexually abused his sisters? So many victims in this tragedy who is really to blame?

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Today alone I came across 10! articles on this family. Several focus on the "how dare someone leak" such information, others on interviews with the parents and very little on this fact...the re-victimization of these girls. Was it right or wrong how this information was obtained is a valid point but we are here now so how about we focus on what is important?

I caught some of the parent's interview and did find certain comments disturbing I also saw the sister's talking and found comments odd but I feel this is a perfect time to start a conversation on how to move away from reality shows even more or all together.

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Why are we so "entertained" by others misery and failures? Why are we drown to such stories and lifestyles? Why are there more reality shows on television than family programming and educational material? Are we really a society building on the bottom dollar at the expense of morality and values?
What are your thoughts? Do you think its no big deal to invest so much time on reality television? Do you feel its just harmless fun and if you just change the channel, who cares?

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