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What will it take for us to be Civil Human Beings?

On this beautiful Sunday Morning after hours and hours of rain falling in NYC I woke with several thoughts, the same thoughts I've been carrying for days. And on this morning especially I am sad to be aware that on this Father's Day there are families who will have awoken with a Father that was recently brutally killed for no apparent reason other than the wrong skin color. For you I wish peace, love and that your memories pull you through.

Loss of life happens daily this I am aware of after all tragedy doesn't take a break but recently the day to day stories, pictures and blatant disregard for life have begun to chip away at my belief in Humanity.

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Charleston is still not a wake up call? What will it take? Killing innocent people in a place of worship? A place where everyone is welcomed? A place of God? Here is religion again front and center, everyone is a child of God yet these people still not so in someone else's eyes that he had to wipe them away.
So many excuses used to justify taking a human life
-protecting myself
-protecting my property
-protecting my beliefs
-protecting my kind
-protecting my country
-protecting my rights
-afraid for my safety
-looking suspicious
-keeping order
Where does it end?

I will not even touch the "right to carry a gun" red flags this latest story has for if I do I will just be writing for days but how about we keep in mind all the recent killings involving guns in the wrong hands officially and unofficially.

Why? Why do you hate us so? Why does our skin color evoke such hate and dislike in your heart? Why do you feel you are better than me or my children or my family or my friends? Why am I tolerated in certain aspects but excluded in others? Why do you lay in the sun to get a tan but I'm already the color your trying to achieve and I'm not good enough? Why? Do you even have an answer? And if you do is it even justified or humane?

I can't imagine there being a humane answer. A justified response other than perhaps just years and years of old beliefs still being carried on by people today. Old thoughts spilling into our society even after years of debunking some of these beliefs.

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I feel as if I am living in a world where we are literally killing each other off and no one is batting an eye. As long as it doesn't affect you, your money or anything else you consider yours you just don't care. I feel we are continuing to repeat history as if nothing was ever learned as if those past mistakes never happened.

I am not overtly religious but I think that humanity is making God sad. I think he is questioning what is happening to all his children and finds himself asking some tough questions
-I gave them so much freedom, why do they use it so poorly?
-I gave them life, why do they feel the right to take someone else's away?
-I made them in my image, where did the hate for some come from?
-I gave them the ability to acquire comforts in abundance, why the greed? Why the entitlement?
-Did I make a huge mistake, should I wipe the slate clean and start over again?

Can you imagine that? Can you imagine that our actions, that our choices, that our selfish acts as human beings could cause our extinction? That as human beings we are such a disappointment we can bring about thoughts of being wiped away?

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I always go back and connect to being a mother. To the joy I felt at giving birth to the love of my life. To the pride I feel as I watch her grow and be kind, productive, loving and giving. To the smile she brings to my face and her love that fills my heart. As her mother I couldn't have asked for anything more. As a Human Being am I experiencing the same things? As Human Beings are we evoking these same emotions in the Higher Power?

On this Father's Day as you brunch, worship, stroll, hug, kiss and any other actions that you will be sharing with this special man in your life, remember that someone out there is not able to do the same thing you have the right to do today because of their skin color. Because someone woke up and decided they had the right to take another's life away.

What will it take for us to be Civil Human Beings? Share your thoughts.

Always stress free xo.

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