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Why can't I keep your Attention?

illustration by rabbisblog.brsonline.org

Can you please put your phone away? What do you mean?
I mean can you please put your phone away. Coat pocket, back pocket anywhere but the table.
I don't understand what's the big deal. Well the Big deal is that we are having dinner and we are out with the intention of enjoying each others company not to be on our gadgets.
Well what if I miss a call? Well what sort of call would you be missing? We just checked on everyone before we sat down. Yeah but....yeah but nothing phones away!

Half way through dinner I begin to hear some sort of whistling sound. I continue to go about my biz but my dinner partner begins to look uneasy. I ask what's wrong and the response is oh I'm getting some alerts from my FB and Twitter. I said what? You get alerts from your social media? Hell yeah girl don't you? Don't you what to know what's going on? Going on with who I say? The people I care about contact with me directly they don't need to hit me up on my social media. I got the rolling eye and sucked teeth.

Needless to say dinner was very eye opening and full of debate.

illustration by eridesign.gr

Our attention is under siege! We can't go anywhere without our gadgets. I am guilty too but I try to limit it to just keeping on vibrate in case my daughter tries to contact me. But what did parents do before cellphones? What did business people do before emails? What did friends do before Instagram? Well we kept our fingers crossed and wished our kids a safe return home from school, we were sitting at the dinner table with our families talking about our days and we said "remember when" a lot.

Let's try to be in the moment MORE and on our gadgets LESS! Our kids won't be little forever and our relationships won't take the back seat for very long.
Contrary to what television and other media outlets try to push on us what matters is quality time. It helps with our health and our sanity. Why do you think our grandparents lived or live so long? Trust it is not because they are rushing through things, they are in the moment.

How many hours a week are you on your gadgets? How many hours do you sleep? How many hours are you engaged in physical activity with your loved ones? Start a conversation, do you fall victim to the "I may miss something if I put my phone down" lifestyle?

Always stress free xo

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