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Wrapping things Up

Aha! Got your attention, right. What on earth came to mind when you read my title? So many possibilities let's just leave it at that.

Hey loves, always nice to have you drop by and see what's up in Mommywood.

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Can you believe its December!In the blink of an eye we are already ending the year. Are you ready for 2016? How did you guys do on your "Bucket List" as most call it? Mine is called Accomplishment List. When I think of a bucket I think of dirty water and clean floors or dirt in the back yard that is not anywhere near my life's adventure thoughts.

I've been reflecting and refocusing my energies getting ready for all the grand wonders to come in 2016. How can a New Year be amazing if we go into it with our old energy right?! Personally 2015 wasn't so bad if I look at the big picture. I mean yeah I had a few pebbles trip me as I walked down a few roads but I caught myself and kept it moving.

Isn't life about doing just that, overcoming the bumps on the road? Isn't being successful the ability to overcome things that get in our way?
Don't we love to see when our kids fall and get right back up? They don't even flinch its like "oh how did that happen? ok well keep it moving and they do!!!

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My daughter is a ball of energy most of the time it is only on days when she has put in very long hours in school and work that she walks in the house in silence. I have learned in those days to just let her walk by and wait for her cue to chat later. Her energy is contagious and the other night she taught me another great lesson...
Go out and Get it!

In her very colorful choice of words which I won't repeat but instead clean up she shouted in the middle of our living room "Mami whatever you want just Go out and Get it" Whatever you need tell me and I will help you get it!!! It is our time we about THIS MONEY!!!"

That declaration was amusing yet powerful. We can't expect things to fall on our laps better jobs, financial freedom, healthier life styles etc... We must make a commitment to ourselves to take the steps to Go out and Get it.

So I am committing to the following:
-cutting out more sweets
-sleeping more
-reading more
-adding another $25 to a savings account weekly (it adds up trust me!)
-revamping my families budget plan
-trying something new everyday even something small
-making more of an effort to cross things OFF my Accomplishment List
-more networking
-more photography adventures
-more Mindful living

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What things will you be focusing on in 2016? Anything you dropped the ball on in 2015 you want to try your hand at again? Please share I love to be motivated!

Always stress free xo

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