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A Guaranteed way to lose Twitter Followers

A Guaranteed way to lose Twitter Followers

Hey loves! Hope we are having a lovely day. Most of us should if the Commercial celebration of Valentine's Day sucked you into gift giving which turns into receiving.

I've been hard at work getting Mommywood to be all I want her to be for you and me both. I'm happy to share we are coming along nicely. With that reason in mind I wanted to share this recent experience with you xo.

Want to know how to lose Twitter followers within 24hrs? Be your Authentic self. I'm sure this can be said for any form of Social Media but for this conversation I'm going to use my journey into losing roughly 750 followers in a 24hr span.

Towards the end of 2016 when we were all in a state of shock one of the things I focused my energy on was cleaning up my Social Media follows. That for me included unfriending anyone or any brand that I no longer felt a connection to or that I had never even engaged with. Unfollowing  Blogs and newsletters that held no connection to my own brand or even my interests. There are only but so many Cooking blogs and DIY blogs that you can realistically keep up with. I removed myself from numerous mailing lists, in the end, it was over fifty!

Fifty lists is a big chunk of time. Can you imagine my inbox? I was no longer willing or interested in investing my time on opening something up just to press delete. I felt so free and rejuvenated. Of course, with such a heavy clean up you must be mindful of the following results...

  • those feelings you might hurt
  • who may no longer follow you back
  • who may even reach out to you and question your decisions

For me as I commented before was losing roughly 750 people and or brands. It was going from over 1700 followers on a Friday and by Saturday night having the number hover at 900 plus. But did I really loose anything or anyone? Did I ever even have them in the first place? What I have come to accept as part of a Blogger's package is that in the early stages of you establishing yourself in this Digital world you must follow and try to connect with as many people as possible. This allows you to find your voice. This puts you in the position to "be seen" in a sense and then grow.

To be honest I didn't expect the number to be that high but somehow I felt a sense of relief. I felt that cord cutting allowed for new branches to grow elsewhere with my genuine community. To quote a line in one of my fav movies "You can't lose something that you never had" (Kate Hudson in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days). So again was it really a loss after all? No, it wasn't it was another form of clearing the clutter. Not to mention the clarity of intent. I saw some of these people for who they really were.

Follow for Follows like on Instagram. Which again is also helpful in steering you in the right direction but also a guaranted way to loose Twitter followers or any followers period. Four years in now and I am comfortable with small steps. I am comfortable with not looking at numbers. I am comfortable with a small Tribe. I value authenticity, trust, and mutual respect. An appreciation of content, not a means to an end sort of connection.

One of my Writers Workshop members said it best, "I'd rather have five followers than five hundred followers that have no idea what I represent." The lesson, know your audience. In life, at work, in school or at play. Know who you can add to and grow with.

These are lessons so easily translated to our children as parents as well. A form of them setting up standards and codes of conduct in life. Leading and not following blindly. Questioning the intent behind their decisions. Surrounding themselves with many options that will bring forth positive growth.

What do you think? Would you rather have a few or would you feel better with many? Do you correlate a number with value? Share your thoughts and or opinions would love to hear.

Always stress-free xo,


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