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Is there an Age limit to Paying for your Mistakes?

Is there an Age limit to Paying for your Mistakes?

My loves, I am diving right in! If you follow me on any Social Media you might have seen some of the clips I shared of myself reacting to the Kavanaugh Hearings. I actually invested my whole day watching things unfold, luckily my job setting afforded me that luxury.

I literally was on an emotional roller coaster and the reason I was so invested as I feel all of us should be is because it boils down to the treatment of Women.

Whether you believe Mrs. Ford or not the dismissive behavior towards her allegations should alarm Everyone. Every women, every mother, every father, every husband Everyone. So I ask, Is there an Age Limit to Paying for your Mistakes?

It was sad to watch how some of these men literally seemed insulted by the idea that something that occurred in these two peoples teenage years was being bought up today. Senator Lindsay in particular was disturbing to watch. He was so angry that she would “cause” this man such “stress”. How dare she disrupt his life! Well what about the disruption in her life? It seemed to me that one party was more about getting this over with than reaching the truth. As if loyalty to your particular political agenda had more value than a human life.

Is a women’s accusation of sexual assault or rape less important than when someone comes forth and accuses a member of “the church”? Why is the length of time taken not as scrutinized on one as the other? The standard for credibility in such matters should be the same across the board but it never is. It is always attached to a persons looks or background. Did you catch the few times the men commented on Mrs. Fords appearance? A total disgrace.

Again, is there an Age limit to paying for your Mistakes? Should past behavior be considered in your present or is there an expiration date? Who gets to say what mistake can be bought up again, period? If I stole candy from a store when I was eight should I be judged on that today at forty-seven? If I cheated on my boyfriend when I was eighteen did that place me on the path to be a cheater in relationships forever? My perspective is that patterns are established and if you review a person’s history and patterns are repeated than you must take those into consideration to say the least.

Mr. Kavanaugh is being interviewed for a job. Did people forget this? He is being considered for an extreme position of power. His decision making abilities have the potential to affect the choices of many lives in the future. So any allegations about his behavior should be heard and investigated. Being a teenager is not a free pass. There is a difference, a very big Important difference between being reckless and having those actions affect your life as appose to your recklessness affecting someone else’s life. The job he is interviewing for requires him to make decisions on women's rights and if he doesn’t respect women or hasn’t respected them at some point in his past, that is important to know and dissect.

People with a criminal past get judged all the time and most have already served their time, so isn’t that enough? Why are we not erasing that from their histories? Why are some of us so quick to want to erase a man’s behavior towards women in his teens or young adult life, hell even as grown men? We have a sexual predator as a President, many in his cabinet have similar pasts, we have men in all fields behaving poorly towards women and nothing seems to be done.

We have a huge imbalance of power and privilege. We have massive racial biases playing out daily, so much corruption no way it could be ignored but somehow it is depending on who it benefits. If you have the “right background, live in the right neighborhood, have the right color skin” every “mistake” is done innocently or because no one knew better. But if your circumstances are considered “less than” then you are out of luck. You aren’t treated with such leniency.

I don’t know what the outcome of this will be but I know that it matters. I know that I must continue to educate all the men in my life regardless of their age on how to treat women. I know that as a women myself I must hold all those that come into my space accountable. I must teach them how to treat me by my actions and I must never allow them to silence me if I feel discomfort.

My voice, every women’s voice matters, we must continue to speak out and speak for the rights to exists in any space shared with men without being in danger. Mistakes happen, that is how we evolve. Mistakes will continue to happen there is no shortage of teenagers but perhaps as we move forward, as we continue to bring these occurrences to light there will be less and less need to question Is there an Age limit to Paying for your Mistakes?.

What are your thoughts? Is this a job interview, do mistakes expire, what sort of mistakes have expiration dates? Should we be held accountable for things we did in our youth? Please share your thoughts and or experiences? The more we talk the more we learn.

Always stress-free,


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