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Intention vs Action, Can one work without the other?

Intention vs Action, Can one work without the other?

Hello, hello dolls what's up? Can I start by thanking you for sticking with me these past few months with my crazy posting schedule? I am so sorry that I haven't been sticking to my usual posting days but I've been working on some things that have distracted me from my usual writing time. Most people would berate themselves for slacking off and some others would say that I am not committed enough but that is far from my truth.

Those that know me and follow Mommywood already know I am all about Self-care and Stress-free. I am not about to overextend myself and I would never ask that from you. If you are new here welcome, hope you stick around and catch the Self-care bug. 

I'm clearing things off my To Do list so my writing will be back on track very soon. Here's my share for today, let me know your thoughts.

 "You must be Present and have the Intention to help

through Hope, in order to Heal"~Deepak Chopra

Since my grandmother's transition back in March, I have really invested more time than I ever wanted on discussions about my family and specifically my mother and sisters. Now I am left with the "where do you go from here" question that several people have asked both me and my daughter. Like I need additional people to point out the obvious. That being that I really have no clue.

All families have some issues it is how you deal with those matters that sets you apart. Will you be spiteful and continue to hold on to the past or will you be peaceful and let go of the past so that you may create a better future? Unfortunately, I'm dealing with people choosing spite instead of peace. The exchanges haven't been pleasant so I have been left with a choice...Do I stick with my Intentions or do I Act on their behavior?

Intention is fuel, it's what guides us into making the choices that we make. Our actions are what we must live with once we make that choice. If our intent is negative to begin with, our actions will never bring positive results. Just like we see in our own President, his childish behavior and rants bring about negative behavior and actions in others. He is the match lighting the fuel.

Intention means nothing without the Actions behind them. What good does it do to think positive or to wish for a positive outcome if your actions are not aligned with your thoughts? If you aren't putting in the work and making the efforts to create the results you envision?

Intention can help build or it can help destroy and the actions that follow remain with you forever.  

Intention has all the Power you give it.

Intention can become a new start or a quick ending.

My intentions with my family have always been to find peace. To come to a place where old wounds are attended to and conversations begin that end with respect and resolutions. But sometimes life just doesn't play out that way. Sometimes people's actions don't align with your intent. This is where choosing wisely can literally save your life. We can't push in one direction two different views.

Creating our Best life means our Intentions and Actions align. They aren't in conflict with the end goal and aren't working against each other. What we think sets the tone for what we do. Clarity on our purpose allows us to set better intentions and actions in our lives.

As Mr. Chopra's quote says our Intention has to be to help through hope. I feel I have to keep that thought in my mind for my family and extend it to the world I am currently living in as well. So much hatred and negativity all around. It takes too much energy to constantly be surrounded by such emotions.

So what are you thinking? Are your intentions and actions aligned? Are you walking the walk and talking the talk? Are you creating your Best Life or just thinking about your Best Life? Talk to me, share your thoughts and journey with me.

Always stress-free xo,


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