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Here's why we don't Stop talking about Race and Gender issues

Here's why we don't Stop talking about Race and Gender issues

Last Sunday I got comfy in my writing space and began a deep lengthy chat with you about the current state of our country and the roller coaster ride that is now living in the United States. I talked about ways we can continue to fight the causes dear to our hearts. I talked about the abuses in power past and present, I commented on how race and women’s issues have affected me and my loved ones personally but you never got to read it. It never reached your inbox you never got a chance to formulate your own opinion or share your perspective. Why, well because I lost my entire piece in a blink of an eye.

One moment I am passionately pounding away at my keyboard, the next my screen was blank. All was lost, I had forgotten to press save along the way and my words just vanished. I closed my eyes took a deep breath, texted my daughter and closed my computer. In as little as five minutes I felt sadness but then I felt peace. I figured what I thought I had to share wasn’t meant to be seen that is why it was lost. It was meant to be purged and then removed from my site. It was meant to be a guide for this conversation.

What are the things that matter the most to you today? Are they the same things that your parents worried about? How about your grandparents? Are they the same things your children will have to worry about? Well the answer to those questions comes down to Race and Gender. White and People of Color, Men and the rest of us. Seems like and history has shown that White and Male concerns are pretty simple. Aquire power, build wealth, form a family and live happily ever after. Whereas for People of Color and other Genders the concerns are not so simple. Stay alive, find a job, keep a job, get two jobs, protect yourself, don’t find yourself alone in a room, don’t walk down that street, find a neighborhood that will “let” you live their, find a good school for your children, pray you don’t get sick, hope your hard work pays off and you get a raise, pray that who you love doesn’t cause you bodily harm, wish that you could just be “yourself”.

Now after reading that what concerns would you like to find yourself having? I personally like the sound of the one that seems flawless, the one that seems almost effortless. The one that has me waking up in the morning with very little stress to manage. And that is why we have the problems we have continuing today. That is why we must continue to educate ourselves, that is why we must continue to discuss what makes many very uncomfortable.

Comedian and Actress Amanda Seales shared an interesting perspective on her Instagram the other day. She said there are two kinds of White People, White people and People who happen to be White. White people believe the lie that they are better than and People who happen to be White understand that prospering at the expense of another is wrong and refuse to live by those rules. White people bask in their privilege and People who happen to be White feel and act to make changes. She also shared that she calls White women Becky and Women who happen to be White Hannah. We may laugh at her delivery but the words hold truth. We see it play out every day, every where we go.

Here’s why we don’t stop talking about Race and Gender issues. Because nothing has changed! Because the same things my grandparents worried about I worry about and my daughter worries about. Sure there have been a few slight changes over the years but none that we can really say have made a dent.

-Women of Color and People of Color still get treated as Less than.

-People of Color are still being Killed daily for no reason.

-Women are sexually assaulted and raped and afraid to report it.

-Women get paid less than the men, Women of Color get paid less than White women.

-Sexual orientation is a debate.

-Religion, whatever that means for the Whites, is used as an excuse to oppress those they don’t agree with.

-Women are still being treated like objects. People of color are still being called animals, lazy, dangerous, stupid.

-Things “appear” to be better if Whites are involved. Gentrification is the new Segregation.

Here’s why we don’t stop talking about Race and Gender issues. Elected officials get away with breaking the “laws”, even with proof they walk away unscathed while their victims lose everything. Money, Power and Influence are more important than a human life. I just recently saw the movie Chappaquiddick. It’s the story of the now deceased Senator Ted Kennedy and the actions he took after an accident that caused the death a women passenger in his car in 1969.

If you see the movie, you will see that nothing has changed as far as Men in power doing whatever it takes to get away with doing bad things and even still getting rewarded at the end. How does a man leave a women to die and still get to become a Senator for over twenty plus years? How does a man talk about what he has done to women and what he can do to women because of his money and power and still become President of the United States? How can a man being considered for a high court position be accused of Sexual Assault, have several witnesses come forth and still get the job. How can a man who acquires wealth and pays no taxes with actual evidence of such hold the position of Senior Advisor to the President of the United States?

The answer… Privilege…White…Male…

Here’s why we don’t stop talking about Race and Gender issues. Because we must continue to reflect the life we are living. We must continue to hold a mirror up and say “see, look, this is what you are doing and we aren’t going to just push it away anymore”. We must continue to discuss and shed light on things people don’t feel comfortable speaking about. If you are uncomfortable you are part of the problem. This is not “just the way it is” this is a choice. What are the things that matter to you today? What actions are you taking to bring awareness and change into your life and community? I’m adding my own twist and calling White men Ted and men who happen to be White Mike.

Let’s keep the conversations flowing and solutions growing. Share with me your experiences and your perspectives.

Always stress-free xo,


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